The Potrero View -- July 2015

Potrero Hill Populated by Powerful Women

Rebekah Moan

The Potrero Hill and Dogpatch communities wouldn’t be what they are today without the help of extraordinary women.  A few of whom – though certainly not all – are featured below. ...

PREFund Looks to the Future

Daphne O'Neal

What if there was a group of San Franciscans who wanted to send their kids to a neighborhood school, rather than placing them in a private academy or public school that might be miles away? What if they were savvy enough – as educated professionals – to deftly navigate school district politics and bureaucracy to create positive change?...

Nail Salon Industry Slow to Clip Health Hazards

Nikolas Zelinski

Recent media has spotlighted the health care risks facing nail salon workers, as well as their customers.  Earlier this year, a series of New York Times articles uncovered poor working conditions in East Coast salons, and a reluctance from the cosmetics industry to label beauty supplies that may contain harmful chemicals.   ...

Photograph courtesy of Rebekah Moan

Photograph courtesy of Rebekah Moan

Audrey Cole.

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