The Potrero View -- September 2014

Concern Mounts Over Violent Crime in Southside Neighborhoods

Jim E. Winburn

A citywide decrease in murder rates over the last five years has done little to assure Southside residents—and public officials—that the streets are any safer in San Francisco. Following Fourth of July weekend shootings that left five people dead in Visitacion Valley and Bayview, District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen called for a task force to deal with violent crimes. Even San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr acknowledged that homicide and shooting r...

Proposed Kansas Street Development Opposed by Neighbors

Keith Burbank

A developer and a group of Kansas Street residents are clashing over the design of a proposed residential project. As currently planned, a nine-unit condominium complex would be built on five contiguous lots stretching from 951 Kansas Street. The residents support development of the site, but are opposed to the proposed design because they say it doesn’t fit within the character of their micro-neighborhood, blocks 800 and 900. ...

District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen Introduces Legislation to Preserve PDR Space

Keith Burbank

Earlier this summer, District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen introduced an ordinance to close a loophole that would otherwise allow production, distribution and repair (PDR) space to be converted to office use. Current zoning law allows property owners to shift a building designated for PDR use to office space if it receives historic status. The ordinance would protect PDR-1-D and PDR-1-G districts, many of which are located in the Mission, Dogpatch and Bayview-Hunters Poin...

Photograph by Vivian Sachs

Photograph by Vivian Sachs

Memorial created in the Potrero Annex to remember the three men recently slain there.

Issue Highlight

District 10 Supervisor Candidates Respond to View’s Questions

Sara Bloomberg

The View asked the five candidates running for the District 10 Board of Supervisors seat this November the six questions listed below.  Their responses were only lightly edited, mostly for typos. Candidates appear in reverse alphabetical order....

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