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Gold, Chapter Nine

“What can I get you?” asked Justin.  “I have a few nice Sativas, but if you’re looking for something soothing I have an Indica.  Or maybe a bit of both!  I’ve developed my own combination that stipulates the mind and the groin…” He looked toward Stephanie, who was standing in front of a life size… Keep Reading

Parking Changes Ahead for Third Street


Third Street, from 20th to 24th streets, home to an eclectic collection of commercial spaces, retail outlets, residences, and public transit infrastructure, is facing increasing parking demands.  Situated in the characteristically industrial Dogpatch, the area surrounding Third Street is being transformed, as residential developments are steadily built.  With parking shortages citywide, Third Street businesses are… Keep Reading

Carolina Project Creeps Forward

Bill Canihan has spent the last two and a half years working to secure permits to redevelop his 891 Carolina Street property.  His father, William Canihan, Senior, acquired the single-family home as a rental in 1952, and unsuccessfully sought to renovate it more than a decade ago.  Bill Canihan hoped his project would move swiftly… Keep Reading

Homeless Population Level the Same Despite Forty Years of City Policy


By Chris Block and Steven J. Moss “Encampments of people on City streets and in parks or long lines at soup kitchens are distressingly reminiscent of the Hoovervilles of 50 years ago.”  This statement serves as an apt description of Division Street in February, the Cesar Chavez-Highway 101 “hairball” today, or any number of places… Keep Reading

OP-ED IRS Phoney Threats to Sue

By Paul Kleyman, Special to The View The booming voice on my telephone answering machine was intimidating and scary:  “This is the Internal Revenue Services.” The robo call told me that the IRS had filed a lawsuit against me; I should dial a stated number immediately. Except that, the Internal Revenue Service never calls.  Ever. Federal… Keep Reading

OP-ED San Francisco’s Budget Out of Control

Over the past several years the City has flourished.  Tax revenues have increased substantially, as tourism and development has boomed, changing neighborhood character.  The Mayor’s fiscal year (FY) 2015 budget of almost nine billion dollars is one billion dollars more than it was just two years ago.     In good times government programs and… Keep Reading

Green Spent on Green Last month, the newly created Green Benefit District (GBD) spent roughly $34,400 to repair and clean seven green spaces in Dogpatch and northwest Potrero Hill: Benches Garden & Park, Minnesota Grove, I.M. Scott Sidewalk Gardens, Fallen Bridges Mini-Park, Potrero Gateway Loop, Progress Park, and Woods Yard. The funds were used to… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Editor, Why would the University of California, San Francisco want to locate an academic building, the new Department of Psychiatry and Child, Teen Health Center, in a residential neighborhood and not at a key site on their Mission Bay campus, where construction has stalled, leaving many undeveloped sites by the campus core (“UCSF to Develop… Keep Reading

City Wants to Expand Biotech Beyond Mission Bay

The City and County of San Francisco hopes to encourage midsize biotechnology companies that emerge from Mission Bay incubators to move to South-of-Market, Pier 70, and other Southside San Francisco neighborhoods, even as the East Bay and South San Francisco promise lower rents and more space to expand.  “The City is looking at the success… Keep Reading

Dogpatch Residents Design UCSF Housing


At a mid-March gathering, roughly a dozen Southside residents met with University of California, San Francisco and Perkins + Will staff to discuss designs for the university’s new graduate student and trainee housing, planned for 566, 590 and 600 Minnesota Street. The workshop took place at Dogpatch Studios, located at 991 Tennessee Street. The March… Keep Reading

Crowdsourced Commuter Van to Offer Hill Service

After Ali Vahabzadeh moved several times to secure a more convenient commute to his South-of-Market workplace he became aware of the value San Franciscans place on a reliable, stress-free, and affordable work commute. As he bicycled to SoMa from the Mission he saw commuters standing at bus stops as Muni buses sailed past, full to… Keep Reading

Merchants President Gets to Work after Retiring

Keith Goldstein

On a rainy afternoon in February, at Farley’s, on 18th and Missouri streets, Keith Goldstein, 66, talked to the View about how he came to retire.  Goldstein, the founder and and now former chief executive officer of Everest Waterproofing, was raised in public housing in Whitechapel, London.  He first moved to Potrero Hill forty years… Keep Reading

Mutiny Radio Continues its Rebellion


The original logo for Mutiny Radio, which can still be seen above the station’s doorway at 21st and Florida streets, depicts a hand reaching out of the sea gripping a microphone. The intent was likely to demonstrate nothing could sink its broadcast.   But station manager Pam Benjamin now sees the graphic differently. “It looks… Keep Reading

Community Calendar


April 1st through 3rd Art:  Open Studios San Francisco’s largest artist collective, with more than 100 creatives, exhibit work from their studios and galleries, including painters, sculptures, photographers, fashion designers and jewelers. Support local artists, expand your art collection and find great deals; quality art at studio prices. Opening Reception, April 1st, 7 to 11… Keep Reading

A Place to Chat About Death

Death is in the Zeitgeist. Everyone’s talking about it, or not, as the case may be. One place to discuss the generally taboo topic is at a Death Cafe, an informal gathering with no specific agenda, objectives or themes.  A discussion group rather than a grief support or counselling session, Death Cafes are run by… Keep Reading

SF Youth Soccer Clashes with City Rec and Parks

Last month, San Francisco Youth Soccer (SFYS) president Po Bronson emailed the families of players to announce that the league plans to address concerns raised at the organization’s annual meeting, including a “lack of transparency, the surprise attempt by clubs to take over the association, favoritism by the league of some clubs over others, and… Keep Reading

Field, Off-Leash Dog Area Renovations Coming to Potrero Hill Rec Center

Over the next two years, the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department will design and implement improvements to the baseball and soccer fields and lower level off-leash dog play area surrounding the Potrero Hill Recreation Center, located at 801 Arkansas Street. The areas to be renovated will be closed between September 2017 and June 2018.… Keep Reading

Improvements Ahead for Franklin Square

In response to a campaign by Friends of Franklin Square, the City is expected to roll-out three capital improvement projects aimed at making Franklin Square safer and more engaging. The upgrades must pass an environmental assessment before being greenlit by the Recreation and Park Commission.    Under the proposals, three or four new lighting fixtures… Keep Reading

Richard Reineccius: February 16, 1937 to February 5, 2016


Richard Reineccius, a pioneer in the Bay Area’s midsize theater scene and San Francisco’s neighborhood arts programs, died at Oakland’s Altenheim Senior Housing Center on February 5, just 11 days before what would’ve been his 79th birthday. The cause of death is unknown, but is believed to have been a heart attack, according to his… Keep Reading

Library News

Programs for Adults Creativity and Art Group: Express your creativity through art, music, meditation and more! Led by Cat Ehisen, family counselor at the Potrero Hill Family Support Center (PHFSC), this all-ages program meets every Friday, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Healthier Living Workshops: Do you or someone you love or care for have arthritis, diabetes,… Keep Reading

Homeless Concentrating Near Freeways

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 1.35.27 PM

“It’s not a lack of compassion, it’s a lack of action,” said San Bruno Avenue resident Gregg Stauffer, about the City’s homeless problem. Stauffer, along with other Hill residents, is concerned about a lack of effective municipal policies oriented toward homelessness. There are roughly 6,600 people without permanent homes in the City, including those who… Keep Reading

Mariposa Park Set to Open

When it opens this spring, a stroll around Mariposa Park will reveal a gorgeous new member of the Mission Bay Parks System – a linked walkable green space circuit – and a peek into Mission Bay’s history.  The park, located in the shadow of Interstate-280 at Mariposa and Fourth streets, is situated at the foot… Keep Reading

Water Taxis Want to Expand Fleets, Add Landing Sites


The City’s two water taxi operators, which launched Port-sanctioned service in 2012, are profitable enough to want to increase the size of their fleets and number of landing sites this year. Gerry Roybal, maritime marketing manager for the Port, indicated strong interest in adding a landing site next to The Ramp restaurant, located at 855… Keep Reading

Southside SF Growth Continues with New Developments


Development activity continues in Dogpatch and Potrero Hill, with the modern style and amenities associated with new residential projects steadily eroding the industrial vibe of yesteryear.  Adam Gould, Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association member, is hopeful about what’s ahead, “I’m generally excited about the growth of the neighborhood.  We are on the frontier of San Francisco… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Fairytales


Numerous tales told over many centuries tell of enchanting creatures that used to roam the earth.  Ogres, faeries, and dwarfs continue to animate modern-day narratives, in such books and films as Shrek and Lord of the Rings.  These fairytales are considered children’s stories, featuring magical and imaginary beings and lands.  But mounting scientific evidence suggests… Keep Reading

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