The Potrero View -- November 2014

Historical Maps Tell Hill’s Story

Abigail johnston and Peter Linenthal

The maps in this special View issue reflect Potrero Hill’s past and imagine its future. As seen in map above, the Hill used to be a peninsula, bounded by Mission Bay to the north, San Francisco Bay to the east, with Islais Cove and Islais Creek—labeled Du Vrees Creek—to the south. (Interior land was not charted for this coast survey map.)   ...

Publisher’s View: Changing Times

Steven J. Moss

When I was five years old, attending kindergarten at Pioneer Elementary School in West Covina, roughly 18 million people lived in California. I walked to school from a one-story four-bedroom bungalow built during the post-World War II housing boom, most likely on a former walnut or orange grove, not long before my parents purchased it....

Southside Neighborhoods Evolving Fast

Ryan Bergmann

San Francisco is undergoing rapid economic and population growth, in part prompted by recent changes in land-use policies adopted to accommodate housing demand. Between 2010 and 2014, the City added roughly 20,000 people. The epicenter of this population boomlet is in the Southside neighborhoods: the Central Waterfront, Mission District, Mission Bay, Potrero Hill, eastern South-of-Market, and Showplace Square. These historically industrial areas were rezoned in 2008 by...

Courtesy David Rumsey Map Collection

Courtesy David Rumsey Map Collection

Detail of United States Coast Survey, Entrance to San Francisco Bay, 1859

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