May 2008

Police Blotter

April 22, Warrant Arrest, Connecticut Street:  Officer Sanders and Rodatos of Bayview’s housing team arrested a suspect they spotted who had an outstanding parole warrant.

April 17, Vehicle Tampering, Theft from a Locked Car, Carolina and 19th streets:  Reserve Officer Guituan took a report at Bayview Station regarding an attempted vehicle theft.  The victim told R.O. Guituan that she’d parked and secured her car, and came out the next day to find her passenger door unlocked and her ignition damaged.  The victim stated that neither she nor her neighbors heard anything during the night.

April 16, Robbery with a Gun, 17th and Wisconsin streets:  Officers Lee and Rodriguez responded to call regarding a robbery with a gun.  The officers spoke with the victim, who told them that she was walking on Wisconsin at 17th streets when an unknown black male and another individual came up behind her, pointed a black rifle at her chest, stole several items from her, and fled on foot.  The victim was not injured during the incident. A witness told the officers that she’d seen the incident and could identify the suspects.  A security guard that was nearby followed the suspects and witnessed them throw a big bag over a fence. Another victim came forward and said that she too was robbed by an unknown suspect who pointed a black rifle at her chest.  Captain Lazar and other officers arrived to assist in the search for the suspects, and the captain located two individuals that matched the suspects’ description, whom the victim positively identified.  The suspects were taken into custody and booked for robbery.

April 8, Robbery with a Gun, Rhode Island and 23rd streets:  Inspector Garrity of the Robbery Detail was on foot in Potrero Hill investigating a robbery series when he saw two individuals who matched the description of suspects involved in the series. Garrity called for other police units to detain the two suspects. Two sheriff’s deputies stopped and detained the two suspects and found a loaded gun on one of the individuals.  Several victims positively identified the individuals as the suspects who robbed them at gunpoint. Both suspects were booked at Youth Guidance Center for robbery.

April 8, Robbery with a Gun, Wisconsin and Connecticut streets:  Officers Fong and Alvarenga responded to a call regarding a robbery.  The victim told the officers that he was walking on Connecticut Street when two unknown suspects walked up behind him and told him to give them all his money, while pointing a black handgun at him.  The suspects fled in a vehicle. The victim was not hurt during the incident.  No arrest was made.

April 7, Robbery with a Gun, 25th Street:  Officers Hunt and Arndt responded to a call from an individual who was robbed by an unknown male holding a black, sawed off, double barrel shotgun.  Officers searched the area, to no avail. The victim was not injured during the robbery.

April 6, Robbery with Gun, Commercial Establishment, 18th Street:  Officers August and Field Training Officer Brown responded to calls from several patrons in a bar that were robbed at gunpoint by two unknown male suspects who rushed into the establishment, guns drawn, demanding money.  No one was injured during the robbery. Officers searched the area, to no avail.

April 6, Robbery with a Gun, Rhode Island and 24th streets:  Officers Lee and Fong responded to a call from an individual who was robbed at gunpoint while he was standing in front of his house by an unknown male suspect.  The victim was not injured during the robbery. Officers searched the area, but were unable to identify a suspect.

April 4, Firearm, Discharged at an Unoccupied Building, Wisconsin Street:  Officers Chan and Guzman responded to a call regarding shots being fired. Officers saw a vehicle with bullet holes in it. Officers searched the vehicle for victims to no avail. A search of the area for suspects and evidence yielded nothing.

April 2, Car Burglary, Wisconsin and 26th streets:  Officers Chan and Lee responded to a call about a car being broken into, with a suspect still inside the vehicle.  The officers arrived and found the automobile, but no suspect.  A witness gave the officers a description of the suspect and the direction in which he ran.  Officers located and detained the suspect without incident. The victim positively identified the suspect as the one he saw breaking into his car.  Officers found tools used to break into the vehicle and narcotics paraphernalia on the suspect. The suspect was placed under arrest and transported to Bayview Station.


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