September 2012

Short Cuts


Concerned about San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency plans to place meters throughout Southside San Francisco, Eastern Neighborhoods United Front (ENUF) is surveying residents and businesses to find out what parking changes they believe are merited in Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, the Mission and elsewhere. ENUF hopes to collect hundreds of surveys, a copy of which can be found at by September 7… Mission Rock Resort: Oyster Bar— aka “The Rock” — opened last month at the former site of Kelly’s Mission Rock, 817 Terry Francois Boulevard. You might want to go there now; it’s looking to quickly become a waterfront destination for the rest of the City. 


A small group of chickens have stirred-up a nest of trouble on the North Slope. For the past couple of years Connecticut Street resident Irina Torelli and her family have been raising three chickens in the backyard of their rental home. Each chicken produces roughly a half-dozen eggs a week, most of which Torelli gives away to friends, family and neighbors. Problem is, the chickens cry for about 15 minutes a day before laying their eggs, with “KimK” particularly noisy. Although Torelli’s Connecticut Street neighbors don’t mind the noise, a couple of Arkansas Street residents are crowing foul about the sounds and smells. Feathers are flying between the chicken owners, their landlord, and their irate neighbors. The birds themselves — up to three of which are legal to keep in San Francisco — seem happy to be living on the Hill, but are now up for adoption… 


Lynka Adams was walking outside her Texas Street home — between 18th and 19th streets — one Saturday morning, and was disturbed to find strange accumulations of white powder underneath every other street tree and against a couple of buildings. Not just a pinch of powder; more like a half-cup. Rat poison? Alarmed, her husband carefully scooped up the material under their tree and watered the rest away. After more consideration, Adams decided to call for help. Within minutes a patrol car and fire truck arrived. The cops thought the white droppings were weird. The firefighters said not to worry; there’d been reports of a jogger running along the streets and marking his path. Adams remains concerned. Readers who know the who, why, and what’s going on are encouraged to contact the View… Telegraph Hill’s parrots appear to have moved to Potrero Hill, with daily sightings of the colorful birds. Real estate values must now be sufficiently high in the neighborhood to attract the exotic creatures.


Sweet Peas Preschool, which opened at 17th and Florida this month, has spaces available for three to five year-old girls. The preschool has a low teacher/child ratio, offers year round — September through August — full-day care. The curriculum is play- and project-based, with on-site yoga, music, Spanish, and gymnastics enrichment activities.


Searching for Sugarman may be the best documentary — certainly the most compelling story — presented on screen in the last ten years. Its appearance is a perfect antidote to America’s ever intensifying obsession with fame and money. Don’t read anything about it, just go see it. And then check-out Bimbo’s 365 Club for an after-party, but not until you’ve seen the film! If you think this is obscure, it’s on purpose, and for your own good. Follow these directions; you won’t be sorry…If you’re annoyed by the constant deluge of tourists in our City by the Bay, keep in mind that the average visitor spends almost $10,500 on food, lodging, shopping, and other entertainments for each San Francisco resident. That family in shorts and t-shirts freezing in the fog is generating jobs for us…

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