From top to bottom: Don Nolte, Georgia Knowles, Peter Linenthal

October 2012

New Volunteer Contributors at the View

J. Durrant

DON NOLTE, fourth generation San Franciscan, clown-for-hire and retired photographer joined the View this month. He’s lived in Potrero Hill for 30 years, watching it grow from where “no one wanted to live” to where “everyone wants to live.” In this issue, he photographed Mission Pony, Romer Young Gallery, Sidewalk Repairs, The Southeast Waterfront, Bay Natives, and more.


GEORGIA KNOWLES, originally from New Castle, England, is an artist and Academy of Art student. A great lover of street art, Georgia finds much inspiration in San Francisco. See her illustrations in this issue, for Publisher’s page 2, and Spot the Carney on page 21.


PETER LINENTHAL, long-time Potrero Hill resident and artist teaches art and has published numerous books. Peter’s illustrations are featured on the Potrero Festival’s 2012 Poster, and are in the View’s September issue, and his self-portrait in this issue, page 11.

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