November 2012

Letters to the Editor


I enjoyed last month’s article about the southeastern waterfront (“Essence of Southeastern Waterfront Captured in Website Project”), but one statement seems misleading. The author mentions a “series of proposals intended to make [Islais Creek] more transit accessible. . .” What proposals are those? As the co-chair of CC Puede, a community organization that’s been working since 2005 to make the Cesar Chavez Street corridor safer and more inviting, I’ve personally locked horns with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency a number of times regarding the lack of public transit down Cesar Chavez Street. Other CC Puede members have had similar experiences.

Even though a new SFMTA bus yard is being constructed on Cesar Chavez at Islais Creek, the agency continues to resist suggestions that it provide transit service for its own workers. The current Muni options – Number 19-Polk and T-Third – all travel north-south, and none east-west. The plans for an attractive waterfront park along Islais Creek will be of little use to the many residents of the Mission, Bernal Heights, and points west if they’re unable to get there without hauling downtown and transferring to the T-Third. A Muni shuttle between the 24th Street BART station and the 22nd Street Caltrain station that ran down Cesar Chavez would be of great use to workers and other travelers who now face a “you can’t get there from here” situation.

CC Puede has brought up this idea at numerous meetings, in letters, and in face-to-face conversations with SFMTA officials. No one seems to care that public transportation to Islais Creek from the west doesn’t exist. I hope the creek’s revitalization and the opening of the Muni yard will prompt SFMTA to reconsider, and let us take the bus.

Fran Taylor

Co-chair, CC Puede


Much appreciation for the high praise for To Chris Marker, An Unsent Letter (“Neighborhood Filmmakers at 35th Mill Valley Film Festival,” October). Please give my sincere thanks to Lori Higa and to all the staff at the View. As an independent filmmaker with no advertising budget, these reviews are our life line to the public. Thank you for your support.

Emiko Omori

From the other Hill, Bernal.

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