June 2013


The last week of May and first three weeks of June is the time of Gemini. Gemini’s are about new things. If they’re bored, they move on to something else. Master of none, but the encyclopedia of the zodiac, Gemini’s, the third sign, are all about getting smarter all of the time, and telling everyone all the things they’ve learned. 

The month of June is known for fun, travel, and weddings; people places and things. Enjoy. It’s not the time to be serious; it’s the time to celebrate, connect with friends and family, and remember to make sure fun is part of your life. 

This month the largest planet, Jupiter, changes signs; it’ll leave Gemini and move into Cancer. The change will make Cancers feel good, perhaps lazy. Cancers will miss opportunities because they decided to play, but if they resist the urge to kick-back they can gain a lot of ground. Jupiter is only in Cancer’s sign once every 12 years; this is Cancer’s year. Make it work. 


Money, money, money. It’s out there waiting for you to collect. Focus on success and it’s yours for the taking. It’s also a time to assess what you value and determine if your priorities are right.

Cancer It’s your year. Get out there and shine. People will like you for no reason. Opportunities should abound. But watch for a tendency to overindulge. You could end the year with a few extra pounds you’ll need to shed.

Leo It’s a year when soul searching will pay off. Spend less time in the spotlight, and you’ll find yourself and build your confidence for next year, when Jupiter brings you good luck.

Virgo Make friends; tell friends you care. Make wishes on stars and work to make them come true. Jupiter is your friend this year; revel in friendships, hopes and dreams.

Libra Put your entrepreneur hat on and go for it. Jupiter is in your career house and business will grow. You’ll thrive if you take advantage of this opportunity. Stop thinking about it and do it.

Scorpio Go back to school. Travel the world. Study with your guru. It’s a year for learning and making yourself an even more well-rounded person. Expand your mind and you’ll find new paths to follow.

Sagittarius You could get an unexpected inheritance, or just be showered by the generosity of others. It’s also a great year for sex. Tantric sex classes anyone?

Capricorn Stop working so hard and give romance some of your valuable time. You can create a true partnership with that special someone this year.

Aquarius Metaphysical studies will bring you great joy this year, and mundane tasks and chores will go easy on you, so enjoy the respite from duties.

Pisces This is the year to take your creativity out of the box and soar. Explore ideas, methods, mediums; paint, sing, and write. You’ll amaze yourself if you find your inner talents.

Aries Take time for your family. Your bonds will strengthen and your life will have a solid foundation for years to come because of it. Learn to put others first.

Taurus This is the year for normally quiet Taurus to speak up. Your waters run deep, and people will be surprised and delighted at what you have to say. Don’t be shy.

The View is offering this column, from Noe Valley resident Yvonne Walker, on an experimental basis. Please let us know what you think editor@potreroview.net.

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