February 2014

Short Cuts

Steven J. Moss

Stay Safe!

A suspicious-looking fellow has been periodically spotted lurking around Potrero Kids at Daniel Webster during drop-off and pick-up times, occasionally taking photographs and making inappropriate comments. The middle-aged man has blond curly hair, wears a cap and a jacket with a badge that looks similar to a security guard, and rides a bicycle. If you notice anyone who doesn’t seem to belong in the area or makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened, contact preschool officials or the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) (553.8090), who have been asked to increase their drive-bys near the school. Likewise, when accessing the building don’t let anyone that you don’t recognize into the facility...The View’s photographer, Don Nolte, is increasingly concerned about camera theft in the neighborhood, having experienced such a robbery himself last year. “I take my camera all over the world and feel safe, but in my own neighborhood I don’t feel safe! Something is wrong here,” he said, in response to a New Year’s Eve attempted strong-arm robbery of camera equipment. In that incident four young black individuals in a grey Lexus stopped suddenly on 19th Street facing west. Two males jumped out of the back of the car wearing hooded sweatshirts, ran around the corner north on Texas Street, and attempted to steal camera equipment from a couple who’d set up to photograph the City view. They were unsuccessful, but the equipment was smashed on the ground as they drove away. The couple was understandable shaken. The male victim said of the men threatened to shoot him for holding onto the camera, but no gun was seen. The good news is that last month the SFPD apprehended two suspects in the mugging, and is in the process of prosecuting them…Officer Mel Thornton is covering for Sue Lavin, who is on temporary medical leave. Thornton has 30-plus years on the force, 20 of those in Bayview. After covering the homeless population for some time now, he calls himself “a garbage collector with a gun.” Apparently there’s a lot of trash out there…

Next Expansion

Less than a year after opening, NextSpace/NextKids Potrero Hill is expanding to occupy the second floor of its Vermont Street space to accommodate a waiting list of interested professionals. Next appears to be Now…Dogpatch-based Tree Ring Productions has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 to provide 10 Bay Area nonprofits — including Bay Localize, Community Living Campaign, and Just One Tree — with a promotional video, at no cost to them…Reclamation Etchworks, at 26th and Tennessee streets, repurposes recycled glass bottles by inscribing them with the names of classic liqueur — agave, rum, gin and tequila — turning the objects into retro decanters that’d be at home in an episode of Mad Men, or, for the older crowd, Bewitched. Get your 1960s on!

Business Birthdays

The power of the press: perhaps as a result of a recent C.W. Nevius column in the San Francisco Chronicle about rapid rent increases in Dogpatch and Potrero Hill — which was prompted by alerts from Keith Goldstein, Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association’s (PDMA) president — one of the subjects of the article, photographer

Emily Payne, received notice that her rent hike would be lowered, and delayed…Last October’s Potrero Hill Festival earned $10,000 for the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House. It marks the first time the event, now being managed by PDMA, has turned a profit…Kieron Sinnette, ProLocal founder, was appointed by Mayor Ed Lee to the Local Business Enterprises Advisory Committee last month…Farley’s turns 25 in March, which prompted some age-related boasting at a recent PDMA meeting. Apparently, SFPD’s Bayview District is 168 years old, St. Teresa’s of Avila Catholic Church is 134 years old, the Potrero Boosters clock in at 88 years — with some original members still attending meetings — the View is 44 years, The Good Life Grocery is 40 years, and Goat Hill Pizza is 39 years old. Happy birthday to all!


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