June 2014

Let’s Restore Transportation Balance in San Francisco

David Looman

Over the past 15 years, San Francisco transit officials have devoted almost all of their planning efforts to get people out of their cars and into Muni to travel to and from downtown. If you want to go anywhere else ­— to Costco, visit your family or friends, other neighborhoods, or travel to the Peninsula — our transit officials and transit agency have nothing to offer but indifference or hostility. They don’t want you to get in your car and go to Costco, buying 36 rolls of toilet paper, 30 pounds of cat litter, and a 28-can case of V-8. They want you to get out of your car and go downtown to work!

This has got to stop. Transportation policies in the City have to again reflect the way San Franciscans actually live; the way policies did before our “forward-thinking” Transit First policy became the nightmare of a Transit- and Bike-Only policy.

Over the last 15 years, thousands of parking spaces – and their revenue – have been lost. New developments are no longer required to create one parking space for each new unit. The effects of these policies are devastating to growing neighborhoods, like Potrero Hill, and will become worse as new, market-rate, housing is built.

Our transit policies have become a “war on motorists,” which has created collateral damage to thousands of other San Franciscans, including first responders, seniors and the disabled, merchants and their customers, families with children, and members of the faith-based community. 

That’s why a broad-based coalition of merchants, neighborhood and labor activists, advocates for seniors and the disabled, and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency watchdog groups have come together to place a Declaration of Policy on the November 4, 2014 ballot for the purpose of Restoring Transportation Balance in San Francisco.

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