The Potrero View -- August 2015

View Celebrates 45 Years of Community News

Lester Zeidman

The idea of starting a print newspaper today would be seen as quaint. The ease of communicating in the Internet age is sharply different than the challenge faced 45 years ago by five Potrero Hill residents who wanted to keep their neighbors informed about important goings-on....

Debate Continues Over Warriors Arena

Jessica Zimmer

Dozens of San Francisco residents, advocacy groups, and community organizations packed a late-June special meeting of the San Francisco Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure to voice their opinions about the proposed Golden State Warriors Mission Bay arena.  Attendees included the San Francisco Labor Council, which represents more than 100 unions in the City; Real Options for City Kids, which serves youth in Visitacion Valley; the Dogpatch Neighbor...

Coding Bootcamps Seen as a Way into the Techie Class

R. A. Schuetz

“I’m here because I’m thinking about a career change,” said a woman holding a plastic cup of wine. She and roughly 20 others were gathered in a brightly-lit building that itself had gone through a career change. Known as the Standard Oil Building, it was designed for John D. Rockefeller to house his California headquarters. Now it’s home to General Assembly, a bootcamp-style web development school. ...

Photograph courtesy of Abigail Johnston

Photograph courtesy of Abigail Johnston

The View staff in 1981 holding up issues hot off the presses of Garret, their printer at the time. Left to right, back row: Vas Arnautoff, Larry Gonick, Bob Hayes, Curtis Cavin, Joyce Armstrong, and Lester Zeidman. Front row. l to r, Nina Gershater, Judy Baston, Peggy Ohta, Kathy Oetinger, Ruth Passen, and Nancy Fox.

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