The Potrero View -- January 2015

Homeless Continue to Die on San Francisco Streets

Keith Burbank

Last summer at the Burger King on the corner of 16th and Mission streets, Antonio Chavez sat near the front door, eating lunch. He’s ashamed of his situation, he said. He’s homeless and lives in a shelter. He hopes his situation will improve. ...

16th Street Development Troubles Community Advocates

Rebekah Moan

Community advocates are concerned about a new development planned for 1301 16th Street. The developer, Ronaldo Cianciarulo, wants to construct a seven-story building with 234 residences, consisting of a mix of studios, one- and two-bedrooms. With an average unit size of 545 square feet, the complex is designed to house students from the California College of Arts, as well as the growing bio- and high-technology workforce, according to Cianciarulo. But neighborhood asso...

Community Efforts to Extend Mission Bay Loop Rejected

Keith Burbank

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has rejected community calls to extend the Mission Bay Loop (MBL) further south. The issue didn’t even appear on SFMTA’s December meeting agenda, though one Dogpatch resident encouraged the agency’s board to seriously consider the southern option during the public comment period. ...

Photograph by Vivian Sachs

Photograph by Vivian Sachs

Jeremiah has been homeless long enough to know everyone in the homeless community, he says. Sometimes other homeless people will steal food from him, but despite that he always offers his food when others are in need.

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