The Potrero View -- October 2014

Jackson Playground to Receive $1.6 Million, Mostly to Plan Clubhouse Upgrades

Keith Burbank

The Eastern Neighborhood Citizen’s Advisory Committee (ENCAC) has proposed that San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department invest $1.6 million in developer fees over the next four years to improve Jackson Playground. One million dollars would be directed towards developing designs to renovate the playground’s clubhouse, which Rec and Park estimates will cost $13.5 million to fully execute, with a higher price tag if the building is expanded. ...

The Scents of Potrero Hill

Ryan Bergmann

Potrero Hill has a cacophony of smells, emanating from backyard gardens, street trees, passing cars, and neighborhood restaurants and bakeries. But two prominent scents tend to linger year-round, no matter which way the wind is blowing, evolving throughout the day. The smells come from Anchor Steam Brewing Company and First Spice Mixing Company. ...

San Francisco District Attorney Doesn’t Track its Case Closure Rate

Keith Burbank

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office appears to keep no data on the number of cases it closes each year, or on how quickly cases are resolved, according to a response to a public records request submitted by the View. The View asked for “monthly data for the past seven years on the number of cases closed by the San Francisco DA’s Office” as well as “the opening and closing dates of the cases opened during the last...

Photograph by Gabrielle Lurie

Photograph by Gabrielle Lurie

First Spice Company blends many spices in its Potrero location, which add to the fragrance in the air, including, red pepper, turmeric, bay leaves, curry powder, coriander, paprika, sumac, monterey chili, all spice, and rosemary.

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