The Potrero View -- May 2015

Musical Chairs at School Sites for KIPP, ISA and Webster

Daniel Shurley

International Studies Academy will share its De Haro Street campus with Daniel Webster starting next academic year, while the elementary school’s Missouri Street campus gets a $10 million makeover.  Renovations at Daniel Webster, a kindergarten to fifth grade school, include a library expansion, installation of noise mitigation measures and American for Disability Act accessibility improvements. Construction is expected to be completed by the start of the 20...

Development Continues to Outstrip Infrastructure

Ben Taylor

Since passage of the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan in 2008, which seven years later is ushering in upwards of 9,000 new housing units to the Potrero Hill area, concern has been mounting over the lack of infrastructure improvements being made to accommodate the 20,000 to 30,000 new residents that the Plan will ultimately bring.  ...

Better Lighting Installed; Transportation Changes Considered on the Southern Slope

Jessica Zimmer

Three sets of transportation-related changes have recently been implemented or are being considered for Potrero Hill.  These consist of three recently-erected light standards – lampposts – between Connecticut and Arkansas streets, with another scheduled to be placed in back of the Potrero Hill Recreation Center; a proposed shuttle to replace the discontinued 53-Southern Heights Muni line; and the future installation of traffic calmers, barriers, and ar...

Photograph by Daniel Miramontes

Photograph by Daniel Miramontes

The Daniel Webster School will soon be renovated.

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