The Potrero View -- June 2015

Minnesota Street Project to Provide Affordable Art Space in Dogpatch

Dan Shurley

Construction is set to begin this summer on a Dogpatch arts hub that will give gallery owners, the latest casualties of San Francisco’s booming real estate market, a bulwark against skyrocketing rents. Dubbed “Minnesota Street Project,” a warehouse at 1275 Minnesota Street is being converted into affordable space for 10 permanent galleries, a large, open atrium for rotating exhibitions, classrooms for an arts nonprofit and ground floor retail. ...

Dogpatch and Hill to Vote on Green Benefits District

Barry Eitel

This month Dogpatch and Northwest Potrero Hill property owners will receive ballots asking them to tax themselves, the proceeds from which would be invested in parks and public spaces, as administered by a “Green Benefit District” (GBD).  Under the GBD locals would “directly invest in the beautification and greening” of the two neighborhoods, according to the project’s formation committee, which is chaired by Bruce Huie, Jean Bogiages...

New Mission Bay Advocacy Group Calls for Timeout on Warriors Arena

Jessica Zimmer

In late April, the Mission Bay Alliance emerged to oppose plans to develop a Mission Bay arena to house the Golden State Warriors.  The Alliance said it wants to preserve the University of California, San Francisco’s (UCSF) ability to use the proposed arena site to expand the university’s substantial array of research laboratories and medical facilities. ...

 Barbara Zamost

Barbara Zamost

Renderings of the Minnesota Street arts space.

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