The Potrero View -- April 2015

Noonan Building Artists Fishing for a Place at the Pier

Ben Taylor

The Noonan Building, located on Pier 70, has served as an affordable work space, with inspiring surroundings, for San Francisco artists for more than 35 years.  For most of that time the building was off-the-beaten-track, surrounded by such industrial activities as automobile wrecking and ship yards.  ...

High School Application Process Stressful

Ryan Bergmann

  Ask any parent of a teenager who was notified of what public or private high school in San Francisco offered them a spot last month about the application process.  You’ll hear “stressful,” “overwhelming,” and “time consuming” in response.  As with elementary and middle school, families can apply to any of the San Francisco Unified School District’s (SFUSD) fifteen public or thirteen private high schools.&n...

Lawsuit Halts Work on Mission Bay Loop

Keith Burbank

Last month a California Appeals Court halted work on the Mission Bay Loop project, a Third Street T-line turnaround that’s planned for 18th, 19th and Illinois streets.  The Loop would enable San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) trains traveling south to return downtown once they reach Dogpatch.  As part of the Central Subway project, the Loop is expected to operate during special events and peak travel times. The stay order has resident...

Artists gather around the table at the Noonan Building.

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