The Potrero View -- July 2014

Caltrain to Go Electric Starting in 2019

Rebekah Moan

Caltrain is being upgraded, in ways that may provide better service to Potrero Hill and South-of-Market residents, according to a representative of the commuter rail line. But some Southside residents have lingering concerns about the system’s ability to absorb a growing number of riders....

Neighbors Weigh In on Warriors Arena Move to Mission Bay

Sasha Lekach

When the Golden State Warriors announced that they were scraping plans to build a basketball arena on San Francisco’s waterfront in favor of a Mission Bay location, many Southside residents let out a sigh of relief. Under the team’s latest proposal, an 18,000-seat venue, which had been slated for Port property on Piers 30-32, will instead be built on private land bounded by Terry Francois Boulevard, 16th, Third, and South streets. The initial plans were ann...

Voices from District 10: More Parking, Affordable Housing Needed

Sara Bloomberg

Five challengers—including Ed Donaldson, Tony Kelly, Shawn Richard, and Marlene Tran—are competing against incumbent Malia Cohen to represent District 10 on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The candidates all must grapple with how to develop political strategies that resonate throughout one of the most diverse sets of neighborhoods in the City, which stretches from Potrero Hill to Visitacion Valley. The district is home to roughly 8.6 percent of San ...

Photograph by Don Nolte

Photograph by Don Nolte

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