The Potrero View -- February 2015

Traffic, Health Hazards Identified in Rebuild Potrero Report

Ryan Bergmann

Redevelopment of the Potrero Annex-Terrace housing complex took a step forward last fall after the highly anticipated Draft Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Impact Statement (DEIR/EIS) was published. Prepared by the San Francisco Planning Department and the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, the DEIR/EIS evaluated potential environmental consequences from redeveloping the 33-acre site on Potrero Hill’s Southern Slope. Report p...

Mixed Vaccination Rates at Potrero Hill and Dogpatch Elementary Schools

Kimberly Gomes

Last fall KQED radio reported that the number of San Francisco Bay Area parents who opted not to vaccinate their children had doubled over the past seven years. The immunization decline occurred despite a California law that requires incoming kindergarteners to be inoculated for such diseases as polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and a host of other ills....

1601 Mariposa’s Impact Report Suggests Better Environmental Outcomes from Reduced Density

Alexis Croswell

In its October 2013 issue the View reported that “In a surprise move, last month Related California offered to undertake an environmental impact review of its proposed project at 1601 Mariposa Street” (“1601 Mariposa Street to Undergo Environmental Impact Review”). In late-2014, more than a year later, a draft environmental impact review (DEIR) for the plan was issued through the San Francisco Planning Department....

Photograph by Francisco Mattos

Photograph by Francisco Mattos

Traffic could worsen at freeway onramps as more population is added to Potrero Hill.

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