Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald

All Good Pizza Owners Kristin Houk and Matt Trahan

September 2012

All Good Pizza Rocks the Bayview

Paul McDonald

There's a new place to have lunch in Bayview, and it's turning heads and filling stomachs with delicious, all natural food. All Good Pizza, on the corner of Third and Jerrold, is the creation of Kristin Houk and fiancО Matt Trahan, who live walking distance from their eatery. Houk formerly managed the Dolores Park CafО, and helped open two subsequent restaurants.

After Houk bought her Hudson Street house more than ten years ago, she realized that Bayview could benefit from a healthy alternative to fast food joints, like the Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet that’s directly across the street from All Good Pizza. Houk and Trahan wanted a plot of land that would accommodate the trailer they found in Modesto on Craig's List. After striking out with property a couple blocks away, they secured a 7,000 square foot triangular vacant corner lot on Jerrold. With raw muscle and a pick-up truck, they made trip after trip to the nearby dump, clearing 11,000 pounds of garbage from the lot within a month. 

Opened last April, All Good Pizza is quickly gaining notoriety as a casual, wholesome place to grab a bite. As the name implies, pizza is the top seller, but the simple and reasonably priced menu also features Panini sandwiches, salads, smoked links from an on-site smoker, and ice cream. Items are priced from $6 to $9. Encircled by a chain link fence, the place looks more like a neighborhood back yard than any sort of restaurant. Once inside the gate, one enters an environment that’s kid friendly. Houk's son, Hudson, can often be found riding his bike about the property. Cactus and various succulents grow among picnic tables, lending a pleasant, casual feel to the outdoor space. 

Houk and Trahan are planning to install a 700 gallon hydroponic farm on the site to produce organic vegetables. They’ll use what they grow for their menu, and deploy the farm as an education center to teach local farming. “This is a very close knit and neighborhoody place,” said Kristin Houk. “My neighbors are all too eager to help me with my groceries or lend a hand for just about anything. I feel this not only gives back to the neighborhood, but also lets me express my passion for real food.” 

Houk grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, a “meat and potatoes" place. She knew that there were healthier alternatives, and studied nutrition at the University of Colorado. Trahan is from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and may be more closely aligned with the menu’s smoked link offerings. Together they make a great team. As it says on the side of their trailer, ” A little bit Iowa, a little bit Louisiana and a whole lot of Bayview.” 

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