Photograph by Don Nolte

Photograph by Don Nolte

Farley's look is updated while keeping its original charm -- and popular clock.

November 2012

Farley’s Remodel Adds to Café’s Charm

Simon Stahl

Farley’s has long been a favorite gathering place for Potrero Hill residents. With its comfortable atmosphere, and a wide selection of games and magazines to peruse, the 18th street fixture tempts its patrons to while away countless hours communing with coffee. With a remodel completed last month, the 1980s-style interior received some aesthetic improvements. And Farley’s now offers a wider selection of food, giving its fans even less reason to leave.

“After 23 years, Farley’s needed an extensive cleanup and remodel. We worked very hard to redo the cafe and at the same time keep Farley’s the same. I think that when people walk in for the first time, they instantly feel like they are inside the Farley’s they know and love, but it has a much cleaner, lighter feeling,” explained owner Chris Hillyard.

Although most of the changes took place behind the cash register, the café’s customers will enjoy new bench seating along the periphery of the space, complete with outlets to plug in electronic devices. In addition to the additional seating, the counter and space behind it now looks a lot less cluttered. The overall effect is that Farley’s feels more spacious, without losing its coziness.

During the renovation, Hillyard tried to minimize the inconvenience to customers. “At the end of August, we started serving coffee from a kiosk at the front door and began closing at 2 p.m. daily so that we could do the remodel in the back half of the cafe,” said Hillyard. But now that Farley’s has reopened, customers appear to believe that the wait was worthwhile. “The largest issue was that the iconic Farley’s clock was not re-installed right away. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Farley’s is located at 1315 18th Street.For more information:

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