Photograph by Lori Higa

Photograph by Lori Higa

Found at Tutubi plaza, a planter with discarded syringes and cigarette butts.

November 2012

Tutubi Plaza

Lori Higa

he 563 Minna Home­owners Association is leading an effort to convince the City to demolish Tutubi Plaza, which is located in the historic Tulip Alley in South-of-Market’s Little Manila section. The association claims that the plaza has become a significant nuisance, and wants it returned to its former use as an alleyway. Tutubi Plaza is adjacent to Tutubi Park, a children’s play area that’s associated with Minna Park Family Apartments, an affordable housing complex. Roughly a year and a half ago, the City created Tutubi Plaza to provide open space and greenery in an area with a shortage of such respites. It’s since become a magnet for intravenous drug users, urban campers, litter, gang graffiti, violence, rats, flies, and a dumping ground for mattresses and broken furniture. Residents generally avoid the plaza, believing it to be dangerous.

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