February 2013

Resident Mugged at Gun Point on 18th and Arkansas Streets

Amber Hawkins

Chris Worman and a friend were walking west on 18th Street after having dinner at Umi, the Japanese sushi restaurant, at around 11 p.m. They encountered an older woman who lived off 18th Street, who asked Worman and his friend to watch her walk from the street into her home, explaining that she was feeling unsafe. Worman and friend quickly agreed, and stood sentry as the Hill resident walked safely to her door. They then continued to 18th and Connecticut Street, where a friend who recommended Umi to Worman lives.

As Worman and friend neared the corner of 18th and Arkansas Street, approaching the patch of trees located alongside the sidewalk, their walk was suddenly disrupted. “The muggers came up behind my friend and I very quickly; not long enough to notice we were being followed until they said turn around.”

The muggers demanded money and phones. Noting that the muggers were armed with guns, Worman and friend quickly handed over their belongings. “They said ‘don’t look at us,’ and hopped into their dark, late-model Ford Explorer and drove off uphill on 18th street.”

San Francisco Police Department officers arrived within five minutes of being called from Worman’s friend’s house. Worman immediately contacted his credit card company to cancel his card. While on the phone speaking with a representative, Woman was informed that someone was trying to charge his card at a Daly City Chevron Station. Worman concluded that the muggers had driven straight to the station in an attempt to purchase gasoline using his stolen card. The transaction wasn’t successful, since the thieves didn’t have the card’s pin numbers. Worman hopes that the muggers were caught on camera at the station. 

“My first instinct was hand them my wallet. Simply put, there were guns and I didn't think about anything but 'here you go.' It was quite transactional,” said Worman. “What would I tell others? If there are weapons involved don't be stupid, just hand over your stuff. And I certainly do not believe if I had a gun it would have helped.”

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