October 2013

Cases for iPads To Dream In

Deepti Diwakar

Do you dream of dressing your iPad, smart phone or Kindle in a personalized, handmade, case? iDreamCase offers such an accessory, in a range of colors, materials and designs, including fine imported Milanese book cloth and leather. The small company, located at 2349 Third Street, produces sophisticated, personalized cases, or sleeves, made in San Francisco.

Gabi Hanoun, iDreamCase’s founder and chief executive officer, started his professional career as a bookbinder. But as demand for hand-bound books declined — in part as a result of electronic volumes — he decided he’d rather join the electronic age than be beaten by it, and applied his bookbinding skills to making iPad cases. 

An Armenian born in Lebanon, Hanoun immigrated to the United States when he was 19 years old, chasing the American dream of owning his own company. He started binding in 1983, at Burlingame-based Theodora Books. Before joining Cardoza-James Binding, which was founded in 1958. In 2002, he bought the Dogpatch-based company. Today, Hanoun focuses his 30 years of bookbinding expertise on both iDreamcase and the Cardoza-James Company, meeting the continued small demand for bookbinding. “…Demand for it has slowed down, especially during the last few years,” Hanoun said.

“My boss, George, of Cardoza- James Company was my inspiration. His handling of resources, generosity, treating people with kindness and sharp business sense… left a deep impression on me,” Hanoun said. After owning the Cardoza-James Company for eleven years, Hanoun won Citibank’s ‘The Best Manufacturer of San Francisco Award’ in 2013. 

iDream recently won a contract to make iPad covers for the San Francisco Opera, as part of its opening gala, and has designed cases for Fox 2 KTVU, Hastings Law Journal, Ernst and Young and the San Francisco Chronicle. The company accepts corporate orders, applying company logos and employee names. The cases are designed to enable access to tablet buttons, and provide for speakers as well. It takes roughly an hour to make each case. 

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