January 2014

Ridgeview Terrace Renovation Completed

Betty McGee

The first phase of an ambitious rebuild of Hunters View public housing has brought renewed hope that the long-neglected, isolated development and its surrounding neighborhood can be revived. Under contract with the San Francisco Housing Authority, the John Stewart Company, Devine & Gong Inc., and Ridge Point Nonprofit Housing Corporation renovated 101 dwelling units at Ridgeview Terrace, an apartment complex that caters to low-income families, located on Cashmere Street, all of which are federally subsidized.

More than 130 Ridgeview Terrace residents celebrated the end of construction last fall with refreshments. The $20 million project included installing fresh carpeting, fixtures and exterior paint. New landscaping, by Pacheco Brothers, consists of live plants growing over earth-tone bark. The complexes’ open space is designed to encourage play among the 32 children who live there.

The team responsible for the project’s completion included D&H Construction Company of El Cerrito and SGPA Architects of San Francisco. Boston Financial and Citi Bank provided the financing. The project followed the First Sources Community hiring practice, with 60 percent of construction, roofing, painting, and landscaping jobs going to residents of Bayview-Hunters Point. Ridgeview Terrace residents were given preferences in the hiring process; 25 percent of eligible men, along with one woman resident, worked on the renovation.

The management at Ridgeview Terrace is adept at answering telephone calls promptly, keeping common areas clean and attractive, and providing the residents with working fixtures. More importantly, according to Regina Coleman, complex manager, is involving residents in helping to define and plan the services that are most critical to them. Coleman even goes so far as to encourage residents to seek employment and/or further their education. 

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