April 2014

Harty Pipelines Causes Row in Potrero Hill

July Westhale

Harty Pipelines, Incorporated caused minor havoc in Potrero Hill earlier this year while installing a new sewer line on Wisconsin Street and other blocks. According to Wisconsin Street resident Dan Enright, the company’s carelessness during the work caused electricity outages and disrupted phone, Internet, and cable services. An independent contractor, Enright said the service interruptions caused him to lose time and money. 

 Established in 1985, Harty Pipelines specializes in municipal projects, and has worked throughout the Bay Area. Originally launched as an oil and gas company, the enterprise also installs sewer systems. Located on 19th Street, the privately-owned company has been frequently engaged by the City and County of San Francisco to undertake various upgrades to its aging municipal infrastructure. 

After contacting Comcast to ask about disrupted communication services, Enright was surprised to learn that the Internet line had been pulled down from his house and wrapped around a telephone pole across the street. According to Enright, the fact that the cable was still attached to the street box indicated to Comcast that the line had been pulled away from the house intentionally. Further, Enright said that other residents made similar complaints on the blocks where Harty Pipelines worked. According to Enright, locals nicknamed Missouri Street “Misery Street” due to the damages caused by the construction. 

Enright claimed that the company failed to inform Wisconsin Street residents about the Internet outage. When a Harty supervisor was made aware of the issue, he shrugged his shoulders in response, according to Enright, who was also concerned about a lack of parking caused by the extended construction. After Enright lodged a complaint against the company with its general manager, workers allegedly left trash in his yard once construction was complete. 

Harty Pipelines did not respond to the View’s inquiries about this story.

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