Photographs Courtesy of Midcentury Modern Finds

Photographs Courtesy of Midcentury Modern Finds

Top: The Villalta’s living room demonstrates how their personal style and that of their company are intertwined. Bottom: The Villalta's in their home.

May 2014

Midcentury Modern Brings Mad Men Charm to Potrero Hill

Carlos and Christine Villalta began their business, Midcentury Modern Finds, with a passion. Antique enthusiasts who spent their time frequenting flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores, the couple began selling their acquisitions when they couldn’t fit any more furniture in their cozy San Francisco home.

“We try to purchase what we know our clients like and what we like and would have in our own home,” says Christine. “We definitely curate our inventory. We never know what we will find, but it has to be something that pleases us aesthetically and functionally.” The two favor pieces that were built between the 1940’s and the 1970’s.

Though they now make their living through mostly online furniture sales out of their Dogpatch-based warehouse, Christine and Carlos Villalta began their lives in very different ways. Christine was born and raised in Sausalito, California; Carlos hails from El Salvador. They both have always been passionate about art, Christine has a background in photography and ceramic sculpture, while Carlos spent many years doing silk screen prints.

According to Christine, the majority of their finds come from California. “We source most of our inventory locally,” she said. “Since it is all vintage, we are recycling what was already here. Our style sense is also influenced by the modern vintage SF aesthetic, and many of our items now live in the homes and businesses of the SF community.” Because they began as finders and pickers themselves, they believe in the importance of community citizenship. Not only do they buy almost exclusively from California-based collectors, much of their clientele is built up out of Bay Area relationships.

The Villaltas are as passionate about living in San Francisco as they are about vintage furniture. When asked what they loved most about San Francisco, they cited the people, the local businesses, the food, the music, and the spectacular views. Due to their love of the City, as well as the community-driven foundation of their business, the Villaltas are here to stay. “We feel that we have molded it to the SF lifestyle, and much of our business is built on local relationships,” said Christine. “We love our life, our kids, and our cozy San Francisco home.”

For a peak into the interior of the Villaltas’ own private home collection (home tour from 2012), visit SF Girl By Bay,

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