Photographs by Sara Bloomberg

Photographs by Sara Bloomberg

These District 10 residents voice their views on page four. Clockwise, Doyle Colbert, Devory Wilson live in Bayview. George Orlando Smith and Tim Garafola live in Potrero Hill.

July 2014

Voices from District 10: More Parking, Affordable Housing Needed

Sara Bloomberg

Five challengers—including Ed Donaldson, Tony Kelly, Shawn Richard, and Marlene Tran—are competing against incumbent Malia Cohen to represent District 10 on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The candidates all must grapple with how to develop political strategies that resonate throughout one of the most diverse sets of neighborhoods in the City, which stretches from Potrero Hill to Visitacion Valley. The district is home to roughly 8.6 percent of San Francisco’s population, but is growing faster than almost any other area outside South-of-Market and Mission Bay. 

The availability of affordable and low-income housing is a key issue throughout the district, as is economic prosperity—whether related to joblessness or income equality—access to education, and concerns about crime and blight. In Bayview-Hunters Point the availability of fresh, healthy food has lingered as a policy problem for decades. And in Dogpatch, Showplace Square, and Hunters Point large-scale development is creating pressures on transportation and quality-of-life issues. 

For example, Hunters Point is slated for 12,000 new units to be built over the next 20 years by Lennar Corporation. The development is estimated to cost $8 billion, financed in part by foreign investors, in a deal that was originally hatched by former mayor Willie Brown. Total project expenditures could reach as high as $11 billion, once hazardous cleanup and infrastructure is factored in, according a 2013 report by the Center for Investigative Reporting.

The View asked District 10 residents what they wanted from their supervisor. Below is some of what we heard.

More Parking Needed

“It’s already difficult to park” and it’s going to be even more challenging if they take out parking spots along Potrero Avenue as part of a street beautification project. “We get at least one parking ticket a month already.” George Orlando Smith, Potrero Hill

“There needs to be a more appropriate—larger—number of parking spots included in new housing developments. Street parking is already a problem.” Tim Garafola, Potrero Hill

Youth Deserve Support

“There’s a Boys and Girls club in Sunnydale, but we need more outside of that.” Visitacion Valley resident

“We need more programs for youth. There’s no park, and the library needs a better selection of books, about science and technology.” Devory Wilson, Bayview

Unaffordable Housing

“The biggest problem is low-income housing. It’s hard to get into the below market rate housing. Without housing, you can’t keep a job. They also have all this new housing, but no grocery stores.” Doyle Colbert, Bayview

“Make it easier to apply for housing. Make the community more livable for families. Can we see you do what you say you’re gonna do?” Bayview resident

Curb crime

“My biggest concern is crime, especially with my 16-year-old daughter. I’m an active member of the Next Door Potrero Hill blog. I hear about shootings, muggings, bus drivers being harassed, cell phones being stolen. What kind of strategies do they have to curb crime? It seems to be getting worse.” Vanessa Marlin, Potrero Hill

“It seems like there’s been an increase in crime and police activity. There are cop cars outside more often. What are they going to do about it?” Ethan Geier, Potrero Hill

Too Toxic

“What will you do about the gross discrimination that has been going on in the District 10 area? People have been dying because of the toxins that we breathe. No one, not even the City, is concerned. They’re only concerned about the developments.” Espanola Jackson, Bayview

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