Photograph by Don Nolte

Photograph by Don Nolte

Beverly Markiewitcz

August 2014

Tree Ring Productions

Paul McDonald

In 2012 Potrero Hill resident and Potrero/Dogpatch Merchant Association executive member, Beverly Markiewitcz (pronounced Mar-KEV-ich), founded a video production company, Tree Ring Productions.  The company enables environmentally- and socially-conscious companies to tell their story through video services. 

A tenet of Markiewitcz’ business is that her clients, be they an individual, nonprofit, or small business, must share her values of effecting positive change in their local communities, with an emphasis on environmental concerns. To acknowledge that underlying passion, a tree is planted for each client or project that the company takes on, to reflect both a symbolic and physical representation of Markiewitcz’ commitment to doing environmental good. 

Markiewicz graduated from Virginia Tech in 1996 with a degree in marketing.  She moved to San Francisco in 2005, landing a job as a technical training contractor and education consultant designing curriculum for large corporations. She was dedicated to her work, but felt that she wasn’t following her heart.  She enrolled in the San Francisco School of Digital Film Making, and learned documentary filmmaking techniques, camera work, pre-production and editing. By 2011, Markiewicz realized that she could align her new filming and editing skills with her desire to help the environment by promoting organizations that shared her passion. Tree Ring Productions —whose motto is “Video Production for Changemakers”—was created. 

To date Tree Ring has worked with the Community Living Campaign, which advocates for seniors and people with disabilities; Bay Localize, which supports local leaders in building equitable communities; and the Local Clean Energy Alliance. The three nonprofits are members of the “Tree Ring Film Fund Trio,” a funding effort Markiewicz established to leverage online donations to help pay for the work, since the small organizations themselves don’t have the resources to fund the effort.  

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