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New Board Members of Green Benefits District Excited for 2016

After winning the approval of voters and electing a board of directors, the Green Benefits District, which covers the Dogpatch and northwest Potrero Hill neighborhoods, is set to beautify the area over the course of 2016. The process has been long – the original concept for the GBD was formulated back in 2012 – but… Keep Reading

Urban Gardens: Growing Community, Growing Food

In the face of rising food prices, detachment from the natural world, and ever-more ominous reports of climate change, many residents of Potrero Hill are joining in a burgeoning urban agriculture movement. Marianne Horine, who has tended a plot at Potrero Hill Community Garden for over 20 years and currently serves as Garden Coordinator, can… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Smart Growth

Not long after the arrival of the mass market automobile, which enabled the creation of suburbs stretching long distances away from central cities, land use planners sounded the alarm about “sprawl.”  Sprawl was gobbling up farmland and eco-systems, producing soulless rows of ticky-tacky housing, and fostering traffic-jammed, smog-emitting highways.  It pulled families out of urban… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

For this month’s shortcuts section, we’ve highlighted select Development and Planning Projects that are underway for 2016. Showplace Square/Potrero Area Plan The Showplace Square/Potrero Area Plan was put together in order to ensure that development projects in and near Showplace Square and SoMa don’t change the design PDR-character of the area or negatively affect Potrero… Keep Reading

22nd Street Greenscape Connection in Final Planning Stages

The 22nd Street Greenscape Connection is a $3.6 million infrastructure improvement project located between Pennsylvania Avenue and Illinois Street along 22nd street. Features of the conceptual design, created by Fletcher Studios, include planting trees, improving bike lanes and pedestrian paths, 7,150 square feet of permeable paving (allowing for some storm water absorption), 7,150 square feet… Keep Reading

Letter from the Guest Editor

We begin the New Year with the indisputable knowledge that global climate change is a scientific fact. Debates rage about when, why and how our climate future will unfold, but the reality that the oceans are warming, the ice caps are melting, natural disasters are raging, and air quality is dissolving into a mist of… Keep Reading

The Debate Rages: Are Turf Fields Safe?


The decision to build a turf field from recycled tires at the Potrero Hill Recreation Center remains at a standstill, as Potrero residents continue to debate the turf’s unknown, and potentially hazardous, health effects. On March 18, 2015, Senator Jerry Hill (D, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties) presented Bill 47 to the State Capitol,… Keep Reading

Severe Inundation Predicted for San Francisco Coastlines


San Francisco’s coastal waters have risen 8 inches over the last century. While predictions for rising levels for the rest of this century vary, scientists predict that by 2054, water will have risen anywhere from 11 to 20 inches. According to the Pacific Institute, a global water think tank that actively attempts to influence the… Keep Reading

Urban Bees of San Francisco

Long a utopia for the artists and wanderers of the continental U.S., San Francisco is also an ideal landing pad for another kind of traveler: the honey bee. Due to its moderate Mediterranean climate, lax permit regulations, bounty of flora and fauna, and hippie spirit, the neighborhoods in San Francisco are swarming with urban beehives.… Keep Reading

Potrero Hill Filmmaker Digs Up Past of Historic Creek

At one time, Islais Creek was a vital source of fresh water for San Franciscans. About 85 to 90% of the City’s drinking water is believed to have come from it, and it helped early Portuguese, Italian, and Irish vegetable farmers in the Bayview District grow their produce during the 1850’s. The creek had two… Keep Reading

Community Calendar

January 5th – Art: Philip Sager Art opening for local photographer Philip Sager, 7 to 9 p.m. at Farley’s, 1315 18th Street. January 8th – Dance: Salve Regina San Francisco-based dance company punkkiCo will present the premiere performance of Salve Regina, an original work celebrating and exploring the human female spirit. Six different pieces choreographed… Keep Reading

Recology Artists Find Treasure In Other’s Trash

photo credit: Hannah Rubin

Set deep in the south of San Francisco, past the empty landscapes of Candlestick Park and beside the rolling tracks of the Caltrain railways, is the San Francisco Dump. Its large warehouses contain mountains of waste, over 400 employees, and some of the City’s most innovative art. This art (which includes sculpture, video, photography, painting… Keep Reading

Library News

Programs for Adults Anchor Brewing Tour: Experience a taste of San Francisco’s history with a walking tour of Anchor Brewing, a world-renowned brewery dating back to the California Gold Rush. Space is limited. Registration is required. To register, contact Julieta at or 415.355.2822. Registered participants will meet at 1705 Mariposa Street. Wednesday, January 6,… Keep Reading

Our Environmentalist Bookshelf

Four librarians at the S.F. Public library’s Potrero Branch share their personal recommendations for the best books about Environmentalism with The Potrero View. Suggested by Mary Ellen, Branch Manager and Children’s Services Librarian: 1. Redwoods by Jason Chin (ages 5 – 9) 2. Island: A Story of the Galápagos by Jason Chin (ages 8 –… Keep Reading

Fiction: Gold, Chapter Six

“So, what do we got?” asked Stan, as he jabbed at a Surface tablet. He was sitting at the head of a glass conference table, on the fifth floor of a freshly constructed Mission Bay building.  Stephanie sat at his left, facing her own tablet.  To his right, Jordan was chewing gum and lightly bouncing… Keep Reading

Local House Busted for Dealing Drugs

On Monday, November 30th, just after 12 p.m., about a dozen men from various S.F. law enforcement agencies batter rammed through the front door of a house on the South West corner of the 500 block of Vermont Street. The house was under surveillance for suspected methamphetamine drug dealing and for being a safe house… Keep Reading

Jordan Dexter Hilsenbeck April 10, 1965 – November 15, 2015

“He was always cooler than we’ll ever be.” – Chris Hilsenbeck Jordan, who split his time between California, New York and Colorado, was born in Boulder to Steve and Kate Hilsenbeck. For 50 years he wheeled his way through a life full of music, love and adventure, from the Hot Wheels he got for his… Keep Reading

Mission Bay Alliance Takes its Case to SF Board of Supervisors

Last fall, the Golden State Warriors made considerable progress toward securing approval for an arena to be located at Third, 16th, and South streets and Terry Francois Boulevard. The advancements came despite continuing opposition from the Mission Bay Alliance, a group of current and former University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) faculty and donors. “This… Keep Reading

As the City Goes so Goes Potrero, Except for Mayor

A slightly higher percentage of registered voters in Potrero Hill cast a ballot during last month’s election than did so citywide; 46 percent compared with 45 percent.  The modest participation suggests significant voter apathy, even in the face of what some called a referendum on San Francisco’s future.  With the exception of the mayor’s race,… Keep Reading

SF’s Criminal Justice System Faces Challenges

Last month, incumbent Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was defeated by former Chief Deputy Sheriff Vicki Hennessy, who took 62 percent of the vote. Hennessy, who was backed by the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association and Mayor Ed Lee, was running for office for the first time.  She conveyed a simple message:  she’ll restore a troubled department… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Perfect

There’s an expression, that one shouldn’t “make perfect the enemy of the good.” It’s the cousin of “the devil is in the details” and the granddaughter of “change is on the horizon.” It’s one of those platitudes politicians like to use to defend an incremental approach to policymaking, usually in the context of advocating for… Keep Reading

Neighborhood Groups Seek Effective Transit Solutions

The Potrero Boosters have been collaborating with other neighborhood groups – including the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association (DNA), South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association, and Mission District merchants – to develop strategies to fill gaps in public transportation access in Southside neighborhoods. “We’ve been able to work well with our neighbors facing the same challenges, with slightly… Keep Reading

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