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Pier 70 Building Heights Would Block Bay

The City and County of San Francisco intends to grant Forest City Enterprises rights to build a wall of nine-story buildings along the Central Waterfront, from 20th to 22nd streets, which would completely obscure scenic Bay vistas for many, if not most, Potrero Hill eastern slope residents.  As one travels down 20th Street from Missouri… Keep Reading

The Incredible, Edible, Egg


It used to be that when you’d go to the grocery store to purchase a dozen eggs all you’d have to worry about is whether or not any were cracked. Today, things are more complicated; many different labels may appear on an egg carton, referring to the hens’ living conditions and how they’re fed. Some… Keep Reading

Car Sharing Likely to Expand this Year

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) will consider expanding on-street parking for car share companies when its board of directors meets in March.  San Francisco may be the only U.S. city in which public transportation, parking and taxi medallions are all governed by one agency. As part of a pilot program, started in 2013… Keep Reading

Blooms Saloon Aims to Maintain Vibe Under New Management

Last fall, Tom Frenkel, owner and manager of Blooms Saloon for 34 years, transitioned to the role of silent partner; 18th Street resident, Barbi Tice, became manager and two-thirds owner. Located at 1318 18th Street, the tavern was originally called Joe’s on the Hill, founded by the late Joe Cadinale in the 1930s following Prohibition.… Keep Reading

A Day in Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, and Environs – February 2017

There are many perfect days to be had within the plentiful sunshine and amiable neighborhoods of Southeast San Francisco. For a lazy, or not-so-lazy, day off, Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, and surrounding areas offer enough activity and diversion to render unnecessary a trip elsewhere in the City.  There’s a particular pleasure, beyond even the convenience of… Keep Reading

Community Calendar: February 2017

Claude Monet, “On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt,” 1868. Oil on canvas, 32 1/16 x 39 5/8 in. The Art Institute of Chicago, Potter Palmer Collection. 1922.427. Photography © The Art Institute of Chicago.

Now through February 14 Library: Forgiveness Program For the first time since 2009, the San Francisco Public Library is offering their “Fine Forgiveness Program, under which SFPL will waive late fees on all returned books, compact discs, DVDs and other materials, regardless of how overdue they are. For more information: Now through February 15… Keep Reading

Why I Choose to Raise My Family in San Francisco

I moved to San Francisco after attending college at the University of California, Santa Cruz because the City was full of beloved haunts, from Aub Zam Zam to Specs. Over the years, I became more attached to all the wonderful things San Francisco offers. And it wasn’t just the bars.  I started my career here,… Keep Reading

Gold, Chapter Eighteen

“So, gene-team, what’ve you all decided,” asked Justin, as he sat down at the table. “Well, sir,” said Jordan, “We seem to be in a bit of a coo-numb-drum.  Which is to say, Stephanie here is numb to the drumbeat of Operation Do-Dig.” “More like Operation Doo-Doo,” replied Stephanie, sipping her vodka.  “I’m not interested… Keep Reading

SFArtsED Educates Students on Minnesota Street

Amid the 15 galleries of edgy and eclectic contemporary art at the Minnesota Street Project, the exhibition entitled Dialogues, running through February 25 on the second floor of 1275 Minnesota Street, stands out for the sheer variety of art objects it contains: color-stained mesh tubes, fantastical ceramic sea creatures, paper weaves, embroidered watercolor cityscapes, dramatic… Keep Reading

Box City Shredded

A block long collection of tents and rudimentary shelters made of boxes located near an Interstate 280 overpass and Caltrain tracks in Mission Bay, which served as home to upwards of 40 individuals, was dismantled by City officials last month.  Staff from the San Francisco Police Department, Department of Public Works (DPW), and Homeless Outreach… Keep Reading

The Carpet Chronicles

For nearly two years, some 1,500 house calls, I sold, or tried to sell, carpet and flooring in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Before taking the job I’d had a successful sales career with Levi Strauss & Company, from 1986 to 2004; the “best years of my life,” ages 26 to 44.  I then spent… Keep Reading


We humans have been trying to understand our reality, while working hard to mask it, since our first spark of awareness, perhaps seven million years ago.  Our quest has been dominated by a biological imperative to, initially, survive, over time, thrive; and a deep desire to find an alternative truth to shield ourselves from the… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

According to The New York Time’s Top Stories – a blog-like screed that can be found on the Internet – U.S. Representative “Nanci” Pelosi has a campaign email address that’s registered with Goat Hill Pizza, “which has made numerous donations to the Democratic Party.”  The blog, or perhaps more aptly, blech, identified the email address as… Keep Reading

Why I Choose to Raise My Family in San Francisco

I choose to raise my family in San Francisco, and specifically Potrero Hill, because of the shared commitment to making the Hill better for everyone who lives here.  In every part of our lives, my family has found a welcoming community. I’d heard the neighborhood legend of families coming together years ago to keep Daniel Webster… Keep Reading

Gold: Chapter Seventeen

It was twilight as Pete strode towards The Yankee.  He hurried past a decades-old mural that featured “Potrero Hill” in once vibrant colors, its bubble-shaped letters set at a slant, a style reminiscent of Mr. Natural’s Keep on Truckin’…The fresco’s jauntiness seemed to mock Pete’s scrawny forward tilt, though both were equally faded.  A mass… Keep Reading

Community Calendar: January

January 5  – Science: Catch a Wave Our universe is awash with waves:  sound waves jostling air molecules, seismic waves shifting the earth beneath our feet, electromagnetic waves vibrating through the vacuum of space. We’re buffeted by traveling disturbances. Come surf a groundswell of wave science and ride the face of big wave culture with… Keep Reading

Rebuild Potrero to Break Ground in 2017

Next month, Bridge Housing will break ground on an ambitious effort, titled “Rebuild Potrero,” to redevelop the Potrero Annex-Terrace housing complex into mixed income housing. Rebuild Potrero, which has already spent eight years in planning, will evolve over five phases, enabling current Annex-Terrace residents to be moved to new buildings as they’re constructed. Upon completion,… Keep Reading

Driscoll’s Boycott Hampered by Poor Information

Since calls for a boycott of berry distributor Driscoll’s began in 2013, San Francisco grocers have struggled to find more information about the issues driving the labor dispute. The boycott effort has mostly been grassroots, led by Mexican farmworkers, many of whom are isolated and speak indigenous languages, making it difficult to communicate with reliable… Keep Reading

Neighborly Assistance: The American Settlement Movement in San Francisco

It’s safe to assume that most San Franciscans—including those yoga classe participants at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House on De Haro Street, and those who drop their children off for preschool at the Good Samaritan Family Resource Center on Potrero Avenue—have never heard the term “settlement house.” “Community center,” the more popular phrase of current… Keep Reading

1 + 1 = -1

Sara arrived like a beautifully wrapped present.  The package was smaller than we expected – four pounds, eleven ounces – but we were delighted to receive her; she was perfect, just what we wanted!  As the weeks, months and years went by, the wrapping was steadily shed, revealing new wonders:  an openness to the world;… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Homeless Kansas Street resident Sherri Franklin, who leads Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, located on Alabama Street, is one of 10 individuals nominated to be CNN’s Hero of the Year.   On December 11, at 2 p.m. West Coast time, she’ll appear live on the network in New York City with Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa and… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Editor, I am a registered Democrat, but that does not change my absolute disgust for your front page story in the November issue (“Clinton Wins!”).  I find the headline to be wholly misleading.  Yes, if you take the time to read the article you’ll understand that it’s a prediction.  But in my mind you have… Keep Reading

Fight On!

The up swelling of post-election demonstrations – in Golden Gate and Dolores parks, and throughout the Bay Area and nation – shows how we can coalesce with one voice and that we can fight for what we want if we put our minds to it. We can’t let the election of Donald Trump be the… Keep Reading

Annex-Terrace Residents Cautiously Optimistic About Change

Ana Garay, 44, lives in a three-bedroom apartment on Connecticut Street in the Potrero Terrace housing complex with her 25-year old daughter, Stephanie, and two grandkids, ages seven and three. Her unit, she said, is in reasonably good shape, kept that way by her son-in-law’s carpentry skills. The family won’t be relocated to a new… Keep Reading

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