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Publisher’s View – Driving Rules

Anyone who has spent anytime walking, bicycling, or driving in San Francisco lately knows that it’s a chaotic mess out there.  Vehicles – Ubers; Lyfts – pullover abruptly to disgorge passengers, eyes leashed to their Smart Phones, in oblivious selfy-ness, appearing to believe that the zombie-apocalypse has left them alone in the world, except for… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

  Business Last month, Dr. Frank Gilson, a local chiropractor, replaced Keith Goldstein as president of Potrero Dogpatch Merchant’s Association (PDMA).  Goldstein sold his company, Everest Waterproofing and Restoration, in 2016.  He’d taken over PDMA leadership from Philip De Andrade, owner of Goat Hill Pizza, and run it for a dozen years, during which membership… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor – July 2017

Editor, I came across the May issue and an article by Brett Yates on myself and my husband’s new restaurant, Glena’s, in Dogpatch (“A Day in Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, and Environs”). I find it very unfortunate that no one reached out to us for this. We’re Potrero residents, and just became a family of four… Keep Reading

Vermont Street Death Under Investigation

On April 15, Rodney David Mann died at the age of 42 at a home on the 500 block of Vermont Street. Authorities reported that Mann was at the residence for less than a day, visiting a friend who lived there. According to another friend of the deceased, and Liberty Hill resident, who wished to… Keep Reading

Lots of New, High-End Condos and Apartments in Potrero Hill and Dogpatch

Last spring, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Potrero Hill’s and Dogpatch’s combined population is expected to double over the next two years, due largely to “a proliferation of upscale apartments.” Since 2008, when the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan was adopted as a means to increase the City’s housing supply by converting industrial spaces to residential… Keep Reading

Abaca Ropes in Tenants

Residents of a housing development which opened on 2660 Third Street last month will have few excuses if they can’t tie a bowline, sheet bend or rolling hitch knot. That’s because the building pays homage to the Tubbs Cordage rope company, which operated on the site from 1856 to 1962. Founded by Alfred L. Tubbs,… Keep Reading

Laborer’s International Local 261 celebrates a Century of Union Activism

Laborer’s International (LIUNA) Local 261, a 5,200-member public and private sector construction and general laborers union that serves Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties, celebrates its 101-year anniversary this year. “Local 261 is a construction union in which the doors swing wide open. It really is primarily an entry-level organization, where you see all… Keep Reading

Mochica on the Hill

Carlos Altamirano’s Peruvian food concept has grown so quickly he has to stop and think before he’s able to list all his establishments. The owner of Mochica, on the corner of Connecticut and 18th streets, opened a new restaurant in Emeryville in April, and has another slated this summer in Lafayette. Counting Piqueos in Bernal… Keep Reading

Why I Choose to Raise My Family in San Francisco

My husband, Joseph, and I moved to San Francisco from the East Coast to pursue our careers and find warmer weather. When we were finally in a position to consider establishing roots here, we were thrilled to be house hunting, but also nervous about this big investment. We considered many factors in deciding where to… Keep Reading

Jackson Playground to Expand

Jackson Playground, a 4.41-acre public park managed by the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department that features sports fields, basketball and tennis courts, first opened in 1912. Bounded by Carolina, 17th, Arkansas and Mariposa streets, the space is located across from Live Oak School.  Several recently or soon to be completed residential buildings – including… Keep Reading

Community Calendar – July 2017

Now through 9/7 – Art: Volupté Bringing together sculpture, painting and drawing, Volupté highlights a series of works by San Francisco-based artists Vanesa Gingold and Mary Button Durrell that explore the natural genesis of material and form through light, translucency, surface texture, and structure. Thursdays 5 to 7 p.m. and by appointment. Space 151, 151 Potrero Avenue,… Keep Reading

Museum of Craft and Design Showcases Pavilions

For six months, the Museum of Craft and Design will be transformed into “an immersive architectural environment” as part of Architectural Pavilions. The exhibition will be among the Museum’s longest, focusing on the importance of design, in an attempt to appeal to the Bay Area’s robust architectural community. London-based guest curator Mariah Nielson, who grew… Keep Reading

New Mission Bay Public School to be Launched Within Five Years

Last spring, the seven San Francisco Unified School Board members unanimously approved a resolution to direct newly appointed San Francisco Unified School District superintendent Vincent Matthew to begin planning a school in Mission Bay.  The institution –  kindergarten through fifth, sixth, or eighth grades – is expected to be completed by 2023.  A 2.2-acre lot… Keep Reading

Gold, Chapter Twenty-Three

“Tell me again why we’re going to this thing,” said Nash, as he buttoned the blue collared shirt he saved for special occasions.  He looked down at his chest.  “Ah, shoot, there’s a stain on this.” “Don’t worry about it,” said Justin.  “Your sports coat will cover it up.  Anyways, I told you, I kind… Keep Reading

Dogpatch Parking Pilot Slow to Get Off the Ground


It’s been more than a year since the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) proposed a pilot in Dogpatch to test interventions that might make parking in the neighborhood easier. The agency has held regular meetings with residents, but consensus has yet to be reached on what approach to take. “Not a whole lot has… Keep Reading

Summer Time Means Work for San Francisco Teenagers


The City and County of San Francisco is home to roughly 42,000 teenagers. This summer, as in season’s past, many of City’s young people are in the hunt for employment for their first time. Nationwide, the unemployment rate for people aged 16 to 19 is 13.7 percent, compared to 4.5 percent for the general population,… Keep Reading

Aperto Closes in the Face of Multiple Challenges


Aperto, until April 30 located at 1434 18th Street, went out of business last month after 35 years of serving locally-sourced food for brunch, lunch and dinner. Jesse James opened the restaurant 1992.  In 2002, he sold it to Chris Shepherd, who served as chef when the business launched. “My heart and soul has always… Keep Reading

Noah’s Ark

One of the most famous stories in the Bible occurs in Genesis, in a passage commonly known as “Noah’s Ark.”  In it, God, enraged over human behavior, decides to wipe out everything, in an extinction-by-flood event.  Somehow, in the midst of the deity’s hairy-eyed examination of all things wicked, Noah gets the Lord’s attention, and… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Elect! The race to succeed Fiona Ma on the state’s troubled tax board got easier for District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen, after former assemblyman Rich Gordon dropped out last month.  Gordon was troubled by a damning Department of Finance audit that led Governor Jerry Brown to call for an investigation of the board.  The audit,… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Editor, I read with interest “Large Mixed-Use Project Delayed by Litigation,” in last month’s View, which I found to be unbalanced and another example of advertisements for the “development at any cost” mentality that seems to have taken over San Francisco. Need a new stadium? Oh, it’s okay to build it right across from a… Keep Reading

OP-ED: Pier 70 Will Contribute to the Community

In the more than 20 years I’ve lived and worked in Dogpatch I’ve seen a lot of housing, transportation and demographic changes. Through it alls the neighborhood has had a proud, firm, and correct grip on its historic, industrial and creative character. More change will occur as a result of development at Pier 70.  But… Keep Reading

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