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Potrero Hill Sidewalks Made Safe for Benches

By NBC News
In May the Department of Public Works (DPW) abruptly showed up on 18th Street, and started ticketed street furniture -- benches, chairs, flower pots, vases -- in front of the commercial district's restaurants and shops. Some of the features, such as benches that had been constructed around trees more than two decades ago, were threatened with removal. Quick response by neighbors turned DPW around; the department withdrew the fines. and backed off from the neighborhood.

Renovated Potrero Library Re-Opened

By Jeanne Storck
After a two-year-long renovation, the Potrero Branch Library reopened on March 6th to a public eager to get back this much loved public space. Upgraded to meet seismic and accessibility standards, the structure boasts a upper level and an elevator. The extra floor space has allowed the branch to expand its collection, offer more computer terminals, add a new program room and create a larger teen section. The most striking addition is the floor-to-ceiling glass window at the back of the building with its unobstructed views of downtown San Francisco.
The View interviewed branch manager Lia Hillman and artist Gina Telcocci, creator of the building’s new public art piece, to hear their thoughts about the new library.

Asphalt Jungle: A Secret Garden in Dogpatch

Two floral designers, Baylor Chapman and Emily Morris, wanted to grow their own unique plants in the City, but finding a space for their urban nursery turned out to be tough. When a friend suggested they try gardening in the parking lot of her Dogpatch business, they jumped at the idea. Now, in among the warehouses and loading docks of Illinois Street, a pocket-size patch of asphalt is in full bloom.

FARMing at California College of the Arts

When design student Robyn Waxman walked the grounds of CCA’s Potrero Hill campus, she was struck by the scruffy parkway along Hooper Street that was covered with weeds and garbage. Where most saw an eyesore, Waxman saw a community design project just waiting to happen. She created posters inviting students to suggest a solution; the most popular idea turned out to be a garden. With a team of students, Waxman started a group called FARM (Future Action Reclamation Mob) whose goal is to convert Hooper Street into a future farm.

MyFarm: Harvesting Potrero Hill

Several local residents have signed up for MyFarm, a new, San Francisco-based gardening service that plants and maintains vegetable gardens for city dwellers too busy to grow their own. Potrero Hill has seven of these mini farms. We filmed the recent installation of a new garden and visited a farm planted in March that now produces enough weekly greens for three Potrero Hill families.
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