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Annex-Terrace Residents Cautiously Optimistic About Change

Ana Garay, 44, lives in a three-bedroom apartment on Connecticut Street in the Potrero Terrace housing complex with her 25-year old daughter, Stephanie, and two grandkids, ages seven and three. Her unit, she said, is in reasonably good shape, kept that way by her son-in-law’s carpentry skills. The family won’t be relocated to a new… Keep Reading

Grassroots Organization Advocates for Dog-Friendly Policies at Esprit Park

When the San Francisco Planning Department’s Central Waterfront-Dogpatch Public Realm Plan released preliminary blueprints for Esprit Park improvements last spring, some park users were alarmed by proposals to restrict off-leash dogs to a small section of the space. At 1.8 acres, Esprit Park is Dogpatch’s largest green space, frequented by dog owners, who tend to… Keep Reading

‘āina Wins Bib Gourmand

Last fall, the Hawaiian restaurant, ‘āina, was awarded a Bib Gourmand award from The Michelin Guide, the first Dogpatch or Potrero Hill restaurant to receive the accolade. The Michelin Guide, published annually as an iconic red manual by the eponymous French tire manufacturer, is widely viewed as the world’s most prestigious and influential fine-dining handbook.… Keep Reading

Arch Returns to Potrero Hill

For nearly 15 years, Arch Art and Drafting Supplies catered to design students, engineers, architects and artists from the corner of Missouri and 17th streets. The more than 7,000 square foot facility, painted a stunning copper color and adorned with a thatched wire sign spelling out A-R-C-H, offered a rare resource for anyone looking for… Keep Reading

Changes to 9-San Bruno Bus Stop Worries Local Business

In 2014, the City and County of San Francisco adopted Vision Zero, a policy to create safer streets through more expansive traffic safety education and law enforcement, among other elements.  Vision Zero prompted an overhaul of the 9-San Bruno bus line – including removing 19 stops, and relocating three – to make the route safer… Keep Reading

Police Work With Hill Residents to Combat Crime

Potrero Hill is one of the City’s safer neighborhoods, due in large part to its residents, according to Bayview Police Captain Raj Vaswani, who oversees law enforcement in the community. “Overall, if you look at Dogpatch and Potrero hill, it’s safer than SoMa and the Mission,” Vaswani said. “The neighbors are involved; they really care… Keep Reading

DNA Declines to Support Additional Historical Review for Moshi Moshi Property

Last month, the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association voted against funding additional historical review of building that features stucco-covered façades and wood shiplap siding, located at the corner of Third and 18th streets. Best known for popular tenant, Moshi Moshi, 2092 Third Street underwent a City-sponsored historical review in 2001, as part of the Central Waterfront Cultural… Keep Reading

Community Calendar: December

Now through 1/1/2017 Outdoor Exhibit:  Winter Walk SF Back after its popular inaugural year, this year’s Winter Walk features food vendors, live performances, appearances by the Macy’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal’s window puppies, and other wintery surprises. Free.  Stockton, between Geary and Ellis streets. For more information: Now through 1/29/2017 Science Exhibit:… Keep Reading

Why I Choose to Raise My Family in San Francisco

The result of the presidential election brought home my reasons for wanting to raise my kids in a densely populated urban environment like San Francisco:  diversity, diversity, diversity.  Socio-economic, racial, ethnic, cultural and gender identity diversity.  Parenting is a tough job wherever you reside.  We all make decisions in attempts to make that job a… Keep Reading

Fundraising Efforts Continue for Islais Creek Film

Like many independent filmmakers, Potrero Hill’s Bill Gollihur has big plans for the movie he’s working on. His in-progress documentary, The Islais Creek Film, is an ecological history of a vital water source of early San Francisco that exists today, in diminished form, as a small stream within Glen Canyon Park, then an underground culvert,… Keep Reading

Election Produces Mixed Results for Housing and Homeless

In the View’s October issue, as part of its election recommendations the paper stated that  “Rather than ad hoc solutions, or untethered mayoral promises about creating 10,000 new affordable units, San Francisco needs a comprehensive housing plan with measurable milestones and elected officials who are accountable to achieving these targets.”  Last month, San Francisco voters… Keep Reading

Thirty Years of Dogpatch Advocacy

Nestled between the San Francisco Bay and Potrero Hill north of 23rd Street, Dogpatch is often described as edgy, eclectic and unique among the City’s neighborhoods. Its flat elevation and industrial nature, among other characteristics, have charmed its historically small but diverse population. Located adjacent to the Central Waterfront and its associated trades, laboring people… Keep Reading

San Francisco in the Rearview Mirror

Last April, my wife, Rhonda, and I left San Francisco, our home for fifty-two years, to become permanent residents in Mexico.  “We’re driving a car looking in the rearview mirror, meaning that the environment in which you believe yourself to exist is always a past one, it isn’t the one you’re actually in,” said Alan… Keep Reading

Gold, Chapter Sixteen

Pete sat on his aging sofa in his cluttered apartment, wondering where he’d gone wrong.  Twenty years ago he’d been in the thick of things, breaking important stories, appearing on local news programs to explain the complicated power struggles that made up City politics.  He knew who hated who, and which of these haters slept… Keep Reading

Trans Bay Cable Pumps Pittsburg Power into San Francisco

In 1998, a construction crew error disrupted a Pacific Gas and Electric Company substation in San Mateo, cutting power to 250,000 San Francisco customers for up to six hours. Traffic jams materialized as signals went dark. Streetcars and electric buses shut down. Water pressure dropped, as pumping stations ran on emergency power. The San Francisco… Keep Reading

‘Bottle Bill’ Author Says Recycling Law Hurts Small Businesses

As reported by the View last July in “Recycling Requirements Continue to Threaten Good life Grocery,” the California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act of 1986, known as the “Bottle Bill,” requires grocery stores within designated “convenience zones” to accept recyclable containers.  Stores that don’t comply are subject to daily fines.  To the chagrin of… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Homeless Potrero Hill residents Jennine Jacob and Stacey Randecker Bartlett, along with other San Franciscans angry about encampments in their neighborhoods, pitched tents last month in Civic Center Plaza.  The protest followed an incident in which Jacob took her three-year-old son to Franklin Square playground and found a homeless man sleeping in the sandbox; at… Keep Reading

We Must Reinvest for a Safe and Reliable BART

On November 8, you can dramatically improve our regional transportation system by voting “yes” on the BART bond, Measure RR.  A “yes” for RR will bring $3.5 billion in investment to keep BART safe and reliable.   RR will allow BART to update fundamental parts of its system that are 44 years old: replace more than… Keep Reading

Why San Franciso Has a Homeless Problem

Despite decades of trying, or at least talking about trying, to tackle the problem, there are at least as many homeless individuals in San Francisco as there were 30 years ago – a few of them the same people – and very likely more.  There’s no single answer as to why this is the case,… Keep Reading

California College of the Arts Student Housing Approved

Last month, the San Francisco Planning Commission voted seven to zero to approve California College of the Arts’ (CCA’s) proposed four-story 228-bed student dormitory at 75 Arkansas Street. The endorsement was the culmination of a two-year effort by CCA to site additional student housing near the school’s Eighth Street campus. Construction will begin next spring… Keep Reading

Data Provide Insight into Progress with Homelessness

In a series of articles this year, the View reported that the City’s response to homeless encampments is often reactionary.  For instance, earlier this year District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener requested information about housing and the homeless from the Mayor’s Office, and demanded removal of Division Street encampments, with the occupants provided with a reasonable… Keep Reading

View Election Recommendations

Candidates President and Vice President:  Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine United States Senator:  Kamala Harris U.S. Representative:  Nancy Pelosi State Senator:  Scott Weiner State Assembly:  David Chiu State Propositions Vote “yes” on: Proposition 51, school bonds Proposition 52, Medi-Cal hospital fee Proposition 54, legislature Proposition 57, criminal sentences Proposition 58, English proficiency Proposition 59, corporations… Keep Reading

At Rock Band Land, Kids Learn to Love the Process

It’s not uncommon to be left scratching your head over the lyrics to a rock song. That may be because, in many cases, the songwriting process is as important to an artist as the final message the tune delivers.  Brian Gorman, along with the rest of the Rock Band Land staff, is teaching kids exactly… Keep Reading

BAE Systems Operates Largest West Coast Dry Dock at Pier 70

Founded in 1999, BAE Systems is a global defense, aerospace and security solutions company, headquartered in London, operating in more than 40 countries and employing about 83,400 people. It’s one of the world’s largest defense contractors in terms of revenue, much of which comes from sales of products and services to militaries. In addition to… Keep Reading

Potrero Power Plant Site to be Developed by New Owners

The 21-acre Potrero Power Plant site is slated to be developed into housing, retail, and open space. The power plant, once one of the dirtiest in California, was shuttered in 2011 after more than a decade of advocacy by nonprofit San Francisco Community Power, among others.  After it was closed the power plant site was… Keep Reading

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