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Corovan Project to Proceed

One of the largest housing developments in Potrero Hill history is set to move forward after the Board of Supervisors rejected an environmental impact appeal by opponents of the project in July. The development, which includes 395 residential units and 25,000-feet of commercial space, will feature a six-story building at 901 16th Street and a… Keep Reading

Starr King Open Space Launches Capital Campaign

Next time you walk or drive around Potrero Hill, take a detour to the west side of Starr King Elementary School, to the open space bounded by 23rd, Carolina, 24th and De Haro streets.   Starr King Open Space, SKOS for short, is a 3.5 acre expanse of hilltop grassland, with gentle slopes, rocky outcrops,… Keep Reading

Lead Contamination Closes 24th Street Mini-Park for Half a Year

For roughly seven months the muraled walls, swings and animal-shaped playground structures at the 24th and York Mini-Park were kept locked behind a gate. Usually bustling with young children, parents, and caretakers, the park, wedged between two buildings on a busy commercial stretch, sat empty and quiet, with little explanation. Last October, a sign was… Keep Reading

Center Hardware Moving to Larger Space

In 2014, Socketsite, a web-based real estate news source, announced that the facility that houses Center Hardware and Supply Store, at 999 Mariposa Street, was slated to be redeveloped. The hardware store’s management team had recently learned of the plan as well, and scrambled to combat the public’s misconception that their doors were closing for… Keep Reading

Mixed Reactions in Dogpatch to Proposed 25th Street Navigation Center

On the first Tuesday of a picture-perfect August evening, dozens of Dogpatch Neighborhood Association (DNA) members, Southside residents, concerned citizens, and civil servants packed a small community room at the University of California, San Francisco-Mission Bay police headquarters to vet the City’s latest proposal to site a Navigation Center (NavCenter), catering to the homeless, at… Keep Reading

Citizens Committee Approves Eastern Neighborhoods Report

Last month, the Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee (ENCAC) narrowly approved a report detailing land use changes that’ve occurred over the past five years in Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, Mission and South-of-Market.  According to the Eastern Neighborhoods Five Year Monitoring Report – and any sentient Southside resident – the four neighborhoods have seen a development boom… Keep Reading

Arts Calendar

9/10/16 – Pressed/stamped metal workshop Presented by Museum of Craft and Design. In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, explore the folk craft of pressed/stamped tin. Use traditional motifs, as well as modern, to make a 3-dimensional art piece for your wall! 4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Potrero Branch Library, 1616 20th Street. Space is limited.… Keep Reading

Community Calendar

9/2/16 – Architecture & the City Festival Kickoff Party Join AIASF and the Center for Architecture + Design to celebrate the opening of the Architecture and the City festival and the individuals and organizations that make this month of learning and exploration possible.  Drink, nibble, and network for  an inspiring night with festival partners, sponsors… Keep Reading

Plans to Improve Esprit Park in the Works

Recent improvements to paths at Esprit Park are just the beginning of possible changes to Dogatch’s oldest and largest green space. As part of the Dogpatch Public Realm Plan, launched in 2015, the San Francisco Planning Department has been soliciting comments for a possible re-design of the park, which borders 19th and 20th streets at… Keep Reading

Gold, Chapter Fourteen

“Man,” said Chester, as he entered the nursery.  “Huge snow storm last night.” “How many did they get this time,” asked Maggie, who was rearranging garden ornaments that hadn’t sold in more than a year, shifting them from higher to lower shelves. “Oh, I’d say four, including our truck.  Which, as you know, has nothing… Keep Reading

Library News

From Jenny Scholten, Librarian Programs for Adults Rosetta Stone Accomplish your language learning goals with your library card using our new free eresource, Rosetta Stone. Wednesday, September 14, 6 to 7 p.m. Movie Screening: Sharayet Join us for a screening of Sharayet. Directed by Iranian-American filmmaker, Maryam Keshavarz, this provocative coming-of-age story  centers on a wealthy… Keep Reading

Carpet Chronicles VI

I had a call at a single family home off Mission Street near the San Francisco-Daly City border which’d been transformed into an elderly care facility. I was met at the door by an effeminate heavyset 30ish Filipino man in pale green scrubs, who unlocked the front door and hurried away.  The living room was… Keep Reading

City Imposes Fee for Hill Property Owner to Access His Home

It started as a simple home improvement project. For 35 years, Robert Hines had a driveway and a garage, but no curb cut. Pulling his automobile onto his property meant the car muffler would scrape against the pavement. When Hines finally got around to pulling a permit to construct the curb cut in 2013, he… Keep Reading

Sex Workers Want Funds for East Bay Rape Crisis Centers Cut

Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education and Research Project (ESPLERP), a San Francisco-based nonprofit that advocates for the rights of sex workers, wants to reduce the amount of public sector and philanthropic dollars that flow to rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, and anti- prostitution and sex trafficking organizations.  “They’re just providing anti-prostitution counseling,” said Maxine… Keep Reading

Still No Consistent Government Response to Homeless Camps

The City and County estimates that there are roughly 100 encampments – two or more people living without a structured home, typically in tents – and 700 campers at any one time in San Francisco.  However, based on a survey of state and local government officials, including with the California Department of Transportation, Caltrain, and… Keep Reading


Donald Trump’s vanquishing of a football team’s worth of Republican Party presidential candidates has prompted intense reflection on how it happened, much of which lands on the same question:  can democracy be trusted to produce competent political candidates? One perspective gaining traction in the shout-o-sphere is that the collapse of mediating forces – backroom dealmakers;… Keep Reading


Shot San Franciscan Rayshawn Larue, 48, was gunned down last month on Potrero Hill’s South Slope. Larue was shot and killed while standing between two cars parked along Dakota Street, a half-block from 23rd Street in the Potrero Terrace public housing complex. Neighbors rushed to help the victim; others called 911. Paramedics and police got… Keep Reading

Why I Choose to Raise My Family in San Francisco

San Francisco is the most dynamic, captivating city in the world. And I’ve been around. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some cities with which I’d love to spend a long weekend – or even have a full-on summer tryst – but I’ll always come back to my true love, San Francisco. So even as… Keep Reading

Tips to Act Like a Local

San Francisco is a cacophony of contradictions.  Other than the few natives – most of us are from Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Southern California, so really, start your geographic networking as soon as you get here – there’s a sense of inferiority to New York.  Yet there’s an insistence on referring to San Francisco as “The… Keep Reading

San Francisco’s Most, or Second-Most, Crooked Street

San Francisco’s most, or perhaps second-most – depending on whom you ask – crooked street was a straight, unpaved road one hundred years ago.  Vermont Street’s serpentine pathway was constructed in the 1930s as a Works Progress Administration project. The argument over which street – Vermont or its world-famous cousin, Lombard – is the most… Keep Reading

Outdoor Stairways Make the Hill More Pedestrian Friendly

The San Francisco Bay Area’s many publicly-accessible outdoor stairs not only provide scenic views and a good aerobic workout, they help community members and visitors navigate the often undulating terrain of their neighborhoods. This is particularly the case in Potrero Hill and Dogpatch, where hills compete with Interstate 280 and Highway 101 to make the… Keep Reading

Plenty of Opportunites to Get in Summer Shape in Southside San Francisco

Aside from hiking or bicycling the steep slopes traversing Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, and South-of-Market, there’s a plethora of more structured ways in the area to get fit.  Residents and visitors to Southside neighborhoods can choose from upwards of 50 gyms, studios, and structured outdoor play to pump iron, dance, stretch, or spin. Fitness SF SoMa,… Keep Reading

Southside’s Public Spaces

Most Dogpatch and Potrero Hill green spaces don’t offer the facilities frequently found in parks elsewhere, such as restrooms, barbeque pits, or picnic tables.  Instead, expansive views, muffled freeway noise, and a certain eccentricity mark these public areas.  That may be because almost all of the Hill’s community places were manifested by volunteers, who pulled… Keep Reading

Lots of Things for Kids to Do in Southside San Francisco

Southside San Francisco offers a range of activities for children, including photography, dance, soccer, and Jiu Jitsu.  Many of the goings-on focus on confidence-building, fitness and developing lasting friendships.    According to Lisa Nowell, founder of Recess, a play space at 470 Carolina Street, her company’s 7,400 square-foot community venue is a favorite for neighborhood… Keep Reading

Chocolate Lovers in Luck in Southside San Francisco

San Francisco is the birthplace of two of America’s oldest chocolate makers: Ghirardelli and Guittard Chocolate Company. Both have their roots in the Gold Rush, when enterprising businessmen realized that wealthy miners with a sweet tooth had money to spend on luxuries.  The companies continue to make confections in the San Francisco Bay Area.  And,… Keep Reading

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