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Short Cuts

Family House The Nancy and Stephen Grand Family House opens next month in Mission Bay.  For more than thirty years, Family House has served as a home away from home for families of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, providing physical comfort and emotional support, free from financial concerns.  The Family House is a… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Editor, I was surprised to see “The Debate Rages:  Are Turf Fields Safe?” in last month’s View.  The article is factually incorrect, as artificial turf isn’t being considered for the Potrero Hill Recreation Center renovation.  The $4 million project is funded by the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Bond.  The scope will likely include replacement… Keep Reading

No Pesticides Used in Potrero Parks, According to Environment Department

Last fall, glyphosate – commercially sold as Roundup or Aquamaster – the pesticide most commonly used by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD), was classified by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) as a known carcinogen.  Glyphosate is a herbicide used to kill unwanted plants, especially annual broadleaf weeds. CalEPA’s action didn’t go… Keep Reading

Invitae Corporation Comes to Potrero Hill

Invitae Corporation is moving into the former Jessica McClintock headquarters at 1400 16th Street, after signing a $7 million lease for the 103,000 square foot art deco building last September.  “Right now, the landlord’s renovating the building,” said Lee Bendekgey, Invitae’s chief financial officer. “We expect…move into around the middle of the year, in June… Keep Reading

Stop at Yield Wine Bar

Walking into Yield, located on Third Street, is like entering into a friend’s living room. It’s cozy and comfortable; a welcome change to the more modern design wine bars spilled throughout San Francisco. When it opened in 2006 Yield was ahead of its time, featuring wines cultivated using sustainable, organic and biodynamic practices.  In addition… Keep Reading

Merger Creates New Doctorate for American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Nothing’s and everything’s changed for the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM), located on Arkansas Street, following its merger with the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) last summer.  The merger created new academic and research opportunities for ACTCM and CIIS, according to ACTCM executive director Lixin Huang. Logistically speaking, 250 ACTCM students continue… Keep Reading

Families Not Planning for Costs of Longer Life Spans

Americans are living longer, healthier, lives, redefining the meaning of aging. Today’s “old” looks much differently than previous generations.  With extended lifespans, though, comes new challenges, which often require advance planning and tough conversations with family members. Given longer life expectancies and the concomitant possibility that protracted care will be needed, health care costs facing… Keep Reading

Top Five Things Families Should Know About Their Child’s Dental Health

When should a child first visit a dentist?  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends a first dental checkup six months after the initial tooth erupts, or by age one. The goal of the first appointment is to introduce the youngster to the dentist and help establish a positive foundation for future care. What… Keep Reading

Cohen Rumored to be Eyeing a Bid for San Francisco Treasurer

Malia Cohen, 38, was first elected to the District 10 Board of Supervisor’s seat in 2010.  She was reelected in 2014.  The district includes Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, Bayview-Hunters Point, and Visitacion Valley.  Cohen’ll be termed out in 2019, which has prompted speculation about what political position, if any, she’ll seek in the coming years, with… Keep Reading

Kaiser Permanente Mission Bay Medical Offices to Open in March

At nine stories, encompassing 200,000 square feet, and housing 500 physicians and support staff, Kaiser Permanente’s Mission Bay Medical Offices, located at 1600 Owens Street, opens next month.  The facility, which isn’t a hospital – emergency services won’t be available – will principally serve Southside San Francisco residents, who may have had trouble accessing Kaiser’s… Keep Reading

Giants Batting Against Continuing Opposition to Development

The San Francisco Giants, Anchor Brewing Company, and Port of San Francisco are progressing with plans for their Mission Rock development in the wake of last year’s passage of Proposition D by 74 percent of voters.   “We’re obviously delighted with the final numbers of the election,” said Fran Weld, vice president of strategy and… Keep Reading

Community Calendar

February 1 Tour: Anchor Brewing Company For the first time ever, Anchor Brewing Company opens its doors to the public for a self-guided facility tour, which will take visitors through the taproom and brew house, showcasing several beers along the way. Tourists will view the traditional all-copper brew system and unique open-fermentation techniques. There’ll be… Keep Reading

Gold, Chapter Seven

“Geez, I thought these guys might hangout someplace, I dunno, gayer,” said Jordan. He and Stephanie were at the entrance to The Connecticut Yankee, in Potrero Hill.  The bar-eatery was packed, two large televisions blared a baseball game. Many of the patrons wore San Francisco Giants’ colors.  “I don’t know what you mean by that,”… Keep Reading

Police Captain Wants More Ways to Handle Violence

According to San Francisco Police Department Captain Raj Vaswani , who heads Bayview Station, which is responsible for peace on Potrero Hill, among other Southside neighborhoods, in light of the Mario Woods shooting SFPD needs more ways to handle similar violent situations. Woods was shot by police in an incident that unfolded on December 2.… Keep Reading

New Board Members of Green Benefits District Excited for 2016

After winning the approval of voters and electing a board of directors, the Green Benefits District, which covers the Dogpatch and northwest Potrero Hill neighborhoods, is set to beautify the area over the course of 2016. The process has been long – the original concept for the GBD was formulated back in 2012 – but… Keep Reading

Urban Gardens: Growing Community, Growing Food

In the face of rising food prices, detachment from the natural world, and ever-more ominous reports of climate change, many residents of Potrero Hill are joining in a burgeoning urban agriculture movement. Marianne Horine, who has tended a plot at Potrero Hill Community Garden for over 20 years and currently serves as Garden Coordinator, can… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Smart Growth

Not long after the arrival of the mass market automobile, which enabled the creation of suburbs stretching long distances away from central cities, land use planners sounded the alarm about “sprawl.”  Sprawl was gobbling up farmland and eco-systems, producing soulless rows of ticky-tacky housing, and fostering traffic-jammed, smog-emitting highways.  It pulled families out of urban… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

For this month’s shortcuts section, we’ve highlighted select Development and Planning Projects that are underway for 2016. Showplace Square/Potrero Area Plan The Showplace Square/Potrero Area Plan was put together in order to ensure that development projects in and near Showplace Square and SoMa don’t change the design PDR-character of the area or negatively affect Potrero… Keep Reading

22nd Street Greenscape Connection in Final Planning Stages

The 22nd Street Greenscape Connection is a $3.6 million infrastructure improvement project located between Pennsylvania Avenue and Illinois Street along 22nd street. Features of the conceptual design, created by Fletcher Studios, include planting trees, improving bike lanes and pedestrian paths, 7,150 square feet of permeable paving (allowing for some storm water absorption), 7,150 square feet… Keep Reading

Letter from the Guest Editor

We begin the New Year with the indisputable knowledge that global climate change is a scientific fact. Debates rage about when, why and how our climate future will unfold, but the reality that the oceans are warming, the ice caps are melting, natural disasters are raging, and air quality is dissolving into a mist of… Keep Reading

The Debate Rages: Are Turf Fields Safe?


The decision to build a turf field from recycled tires at the Potrero Hill Recreation Center remains at a standstill, as Potrero residents continue to debate the turf’s unknown, and potentially hazardous, health effects. On March 18, 2015, Senator Jerry Hill (D, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties) presented Bill 47 to the State Capitol,… Keep Reading

Severe Inundation Predicted for San Francisco Coastlines


San Francisco’s coastal waters have risen 8 inches over the last century. While predictions for rising levels for the rest of this century vary, scientists predict that by 2054, water will have risen anywhere from 11 to 20 inches. According to the Pacific Institute, a global water think tank that actively attempts to influence the… Keep Reading

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