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Dogpatch and Hill to Vote on Green Benefits District

This month Dogpatch and Northwest Potrero Hill property owners will receive ballots asking them to tax themselves, the proceeds from which would be invested in parks and public spaces, as administered by a “Green Benefit District” (GBD).  Under the GBD locals would “directly invest in the beautification and greening” of the two neighborhoods, according to… Keep Reading

District 10 Supervisor Wants Better Anti-Violence Measures


An audit of municipally-funded violence prevention services has prompted District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen to call for new measures to stem aggression in Bayview-Hunters Point, Potrero Hill, and Visitacion Valley. The audit, conducted by the Budget and Legislative Analyst’s office, revealed that the City and County of San Francisco has “no method in place to… Keep Reading

Ross Mirkarimi Fights to Stay Sheriff

Ross Mirkarimi, San Francisco’s sheriff, is a hard man to get a hold of.  An interview with a View reporter was rescheduled twice through his office.  But then he provided his personal cellphone number and email address, and invited the reporter to his Potrero Avenue home. Despite the digital and physical contact information, Mirkarimi remained… Keep Reading

SF General to Open Trauma Center this Year, New Research Facility Soon After

Final touches are being made to the renovated San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) and Trauma Center building, scheduled to open in December. The new hospital inpatient tower was funded by Proposition A, passed in 2008.  Public monies amounting to $887 million were recently supplemented by a $75 million donation from Priscilla and Mark Zuckerberg.  Even… Keep Reading

Arkansas Street Development Proposed Near Jackson Park

Martin Building has submitted a proposal to the San Francisco Planning Department to construct a five-story building at 88 Arkansas Street. The development would feature a ground floor restaurant, and include 50 one-bedroom, 49 two-bedroom, and 27 studio apartments. An onsite garage would offer 98 parking spaces. If built, the project would likely increase traffic… Keep Reading

580 De Haro to be Developed into Multi- and Single-Family Homes

The lot located at 580 De Haro Street is occupied by six dilapidated residential and one commercial building.  All of them have been derelict and boarded-up for more than 15 years.  Husband and wife development team Kevin and Cathy Dill purchased the property in 2014.  They propose to demolish the existing structures, and subdivide the… Keep Reading

California College of the Arts Class Enlivens Starr King Open Space

Last semester, California College of the Arts (CCA) scholar-in-residence Chris Treggiari turned to Potrero Hill to serve as his studio class’s primary subject.   Treggiari directed students in his Making the Invisible Visible course to develop new ways to enliven Starr King Open Space. Treggiari’s undergraduates focused on catalyzing public interaction, creating marketing concepts and… Keep Reading

Summer Film Festivals Offer Fun for the Whole Family


San Francisco’s vibrant film scene, which offers a rich and diverse “ecosystem” of independently produced movies, can require as much creativity by viewers in search of a good, or provocative, time as it does to produce the work.  According to Peter L. Stein, local film festivals that aren’t to be missed include the recently completed… Keep Reading

May: Crime and Safety Report

Southside residents have been frustrated by the perceived lack of police attention to the relentless vehicle thefts and burglaries from cars, with attendant smashed windows.  In January, the latest month for which data is available, the San Francisco Police Department received reports of 75 automobile thefts and 95 burglaries from vehicles located in in the… Keep Reading

Noonan Building Artists Fishing for a Place at the Pier

The Noonan Building, located on Pier 70, has served as an affordable work space, with inspiring surroundings, for San Francisco artists for more than 35 years.  For most of that time the building was off-the-beaten-track, surrounded by such industrial activities as automobile wrecking and ship yards.  In 2012 the future of the idyllic arts haven… Keep Reading

High School Application Process Stressful

Ask any parent of a teenager who was notified of what public or private high school in San Francisco offered them a spot last month about the application process.  You’ll hear “stressful,” “overwhelming,” and “time consuming” in response.  As with elementary and middle school, families can apply to any of the San Francisco Unified School… Keep Reading

Lawsuit Halts Work on Mission Bay Loop

Last month a California Appeals Court halted work on the Mission Bay Loop project, a Third Street T-line turnaround that’s planned for 18th, 19th and Illinois streets.  The Loop would enable San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) trains traveling south to return downtown once they reach Dogpatch.  As part of the Central Subway project, the… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Art

The Potrero View is San Francisco’s longest-running neighborhood newspaper.  We’ll celebrate our 45th anniversary this August. Throughout its years, the View has had an ongoing commitment to and engagement with the arts and artists.  The paper’s founding publisher, Ruth Passen, was part of the mix of craftspeople, artists, activists, and writers who settled on the… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Commercial Crime Last month four businesses in Dogpatch and Potrero Hill – Invention Hub, Poquito’s, Papito’s, and Chat’s Roasting Company – were burglarized, in Chat’s case for the seventh time in the last eighteen months…In the meantime, in the face of chronic automobile break-ins and thefts, the San Francisco Police Department posted sentries at the… Keep Reading

Tall Tales about Military Bravery Disrespects the Troops

I did my best to avoid journalists like Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly, as well as politicians such as U.S. Senator John McCain and Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald, when I was with the U.S. military.  I believed then, as I do now, in press freedoms and representative politics.   People have the right to… Keep Reading

California College of the Arts Expanding its Canvas

California College of the Arts (CCA) students will soon get a respite from San Francisco’s high-priced housing market. The Panoramic, located at 1321 Mission Street, is set to open in August, and will house around 200 artists-in-training. Half of the 160-unit complex will be set aside for CCA students, with the other half dedicated to… Keep Reading

Gurdjieff Society Mounts Exhibitions on Harmonics

The “Harmonics of Unity” exhibition by the San Francisco Gurdjieff Society, held this month at two Potrero Hill locations, presents an overview of the interactions of art, science, and religion based on insights from Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and George Ivanovich Gurdjieff. The society is mounting two concurrent shows:  at Farley’s and the Entropy/Consciousness Institute… Keep Reading

Project Artaud: An Artists’ Village in San Francisco

Project Artaud – pronounced Ar-toe – on 499 Alabama Street is an artists’ village/cooperative/collective. Technically, the project is a nonprofit, but “nonprofit” doesn’t capture the undertaking’s essence, which is hard to characterize, admitted visual and performing artist Anna Dal Pino. “The difficulty and beauty of Project Artaud is that there is no consensus on the… Keep Reading

Workshop Cooperates to Make Prints

Behind a set of bright yellow doors on the third floor of the American Industrial Center (AIC) is a room filled with printmaking equipment: four etching presses, two litho presses, a letter press, an aquatint box, silkscreens and a hot plate. These are just some of the tools printmakers at the Graphic Arts Workshop use… Keep Reading

Creativity Explored in Potrero Hill

In a neighborhood known for its concentration of artists Creativity Explored fits right in. The fine art studio, located on Arkansas and 16th streets, works with artists who have developmental disabilities. Founded in 1983, the nonprofit was initially launched in the Mission, after artist Florence Katz and psychologist Dr. Elias Katz noticed a lack of… Keep Reading

Fused Space Shows Designed Art

Occupying fuseproject’s lobby, the Fused Space gallery, now in its second year, hosts new art shows every two to four months, with a focus on exploring the overlap between art and design.  The building, located at 1401 16th street, was covered with graffiti in 2011 as part of a Sean Parker/Shawn Fanning event celebrating the… Keep Reading

Curiosity Drives Artist Wanxin Zhang

Wanxin Zhang considers his art to be a question, not an answer. That quiet curiosity is evident not only in his sculptures, but his demeanor.  Zhang’s personality and artist sensibility can likely be attributed to his formative years in China, which coincided with the Cultural Revolution. Born in 1961 in Changchun, Zhang grew up in… Keep Reading

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