Rebuild Potrero Progresses

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Progress continues on Rebuild Potrero, a decade-long effort to revitalize the Potrero Annex-Terrace housing complexes through a partnership between BRIDGE Housing, San Francisco Housing Authority, and San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development.

The most recent milestone is completion of a reconstructed block of 25th Street, between Connecticut and Dakota streets. The work required a complete shutdown of the existing road to provide for installation of underground utilities topped with a new concrete surface that’ll include rebuilt curbs, sidewalks, and added landscaping, with new planters and seating.

“This is just the start of a project that has gone through almost eight years of community planning,” said Sam Knutson, BRIDGE Housing project manager. “This one block reconstruction project offers a preview of how this development will reshape the neighborhood. For example, the regraded streets and table-topped intersections will create better pedestrian safety and improved vehicular traffic connectivity throughout the entire 38-acre project site.”

BRIDGE and its contractor, Cahill Contractors, have been working long hours. Residents may have noticed an early start time – 4 a.m. – for concrete pouring. This allowed large trucks uninhibited site access and minimized traffic impacts to the neighborhood.

“In this white-hot construction market, it’s been a challenge to get many of the subcontractors onsite, especially because we’re competing with the nearby Chase Center arena site and the multitude of UCSF projects in the adjacent Dogpatch and Mission Bay neighborhood.” Knutson said.

Starting in August, Cahill worked for approximately three weeks, tearing up the street, putting soil back down, and pouring concrete. Shortly after Labor Day, 25th Street reopened to traffic; the remaining street work will wrap up by the end of next month.

“We’ve continued progressing and recognize that construction is inconvenient but we are excited about the resulting benefits for the neighborhood,” Knutson added.

Alongside the street project, the first 72 new residences, being constructed at 1101 Connecticut, are expected to be completed later this year, with occupancy in early 2019.

The Rebuild Potrero project will eventually include new community spaces, retail, and a variety of housing options affordable to different income levels.