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Abandoned Dog Euthanized

Last summer, Animal Care and Control (ACC) picked up an abandoned a dog at Progress Park that was so emaciated and dehydrated that staff had no choice but to euthanize him. Dubbed “Sweetie Boy” by ACC because “he seemed like a sweet dog and could use a boost,” ACC spokesperson Deb Campbell said the mastiff… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: September 11, 2001

Last summer I visited the painfully exquisite 9/11 Memorial & Museum, in lower Manhattan.  Through a carefully constructed flow of architecture, images, sounds, and objects, the institution skillfully recreates that terrible September morning and its immediate aftermath.  I walked past burnt fire engines and video loops of planes smashing into the World Trade Towers.  An… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Serpentine Subject to Shakedown Recently, Serpentine, in Dogpatch, got an email from a person calling herself a “PR manager” with the subject line “Reputation.”  The sender, who said her name was “Natasha Nixon,” claimed she’d been hired by one of Serpentine’s competitors to share negative information, such as “awful photos of the food containing hair… Keep Reading

District 10 Candidates Agree More than they Disagree on Key Issues

Five District 10 Supervisor candidates debated each another in front of an attentive audience last summer, in one of more than a dozen forums likely to take place before this November’s election. The event, held at the Southeast Community Facility, was hosted by the United Democratic, Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic and Willie B. Kennedy Democratic clubs,… Keep Reading

City Leases Rhode Island Street Offices

Built in 1958, the Hall of Justice, located at 850 Bryant Street, has been plagued with safety problems – including sewage leaks and rodent infestations – and doesn’t meet seismic standards, prompting the City to identify alternative space for the criminal justice activities housed there. Last fall, the City and County of San Francisco signed… Keep Reading

Former Potrero Power Plant Site Eyed for Preservation

Four early-20th Century brick buildings at the former site of the Potrero Power Plant are all that’s left of what was a center of industrial growth in San Francisco between 1870 and 1940, a period during which, according to Dr. Paul Groth, efficiency and productivity became a national religion. The buildings housed early Pacific Gas… Keep Reading

PCH International Part of Hill’s Industrial Design Ecosystem


Over the past five years, PCH International, an engineering firm located at 135 Mississippi Street, has engaged in numerous industrial design collaborations and sponsored exhibitions for California College of the Arts (CCA) students. PCH’s Potrero Hill office, housed in a building previously owned by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, contains 3D printing machines, a laboratory… Keep Reading

Community Calendar – September 2018

9/1 Saturday – First Saturdays in Dogpatch A neighborhood-wide event held monthly, rain or shine. Details at Bay Area makers, small businesses and food trucks: pop-up in Dogpatch the first Saturday of every month. More info. 9/2/18 through 10/31/18 – Art: Mystical Landscapes Anahid Arslanian, whose work is informed by her love of nature, is… Keep Reading

Library News – September 2018

Family Programs Movie and a Meal In partnership with the Potrero Hill Family Support Center (PHFSC), we’ll present a family-friendly film, and PHFSC will provide a meal. The September selection is McFarland, USA. In a hardscrabble California farming town, Coach Jim White sees the potential for a cross-country running team among the area’s high school… Keep Reading

New City Living in Dogpatch


A new way of city living is emerging in San Francisco, especially in Dogpatch, where many apartment buildings are being constructed. The days when higher rents meant certain neighborhoods and impressive square footage are giving way to an era in which expensive residences instead translate to an abundance of common space and amenities. It’s not… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Memoirs

Those of us with siblings or close cousins are familiar with a game in which one family member recalls a childhood memory, only to have its veracity challenged by another:  it didn’t quite happen that way or didn’t actually occur at all.  Our recollection of past events is clouded by time, emotional (self-)manipulation, stories re-told,… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Recess Over Recess announced that it’ll close at the end of this month; the building the play business occupied recently sold again, and the asking rent for the space is increasing another 35 percent.  Not so long ago Potrero Hill was home to do-it-yourself teddy bear factories, mom and pop ice cream stores, and video… Keep Reading

Fire Activity in Potrero Hill on Par with Recent Years


In July a Potrero Hill resident posted to social networking site, Nextdoor, that he regularly heard the blaring sirens of fire trucks on the neighborhood’s northern slope. He calculated there’d been six calls within six days to the 600 block of San Bruno Avenue and was concerned, given that the area had in the past… Keep Reading

Le Tote Offers Rent-to-Buy Attire

Le Tote, located at 3130 20th Street, is one of several subscription services that offer consumers a new way to outfit themselves. Instead of visiting brick and mortar dress shops, trying on garments in changing rooms and buying items that occupy dwindling closet spaces, Le Tote vends online subscriptions in which patrons rent clothes that’re… Keep Reading

Dogpatch Property Commemorates its Notable Past


A new development complex in Dogpatch pays homage to an early technology pioneer who paved the way for Silicon Valley. The site – 815 Tennessee Street – used to be home to the Bowie Switch Company, which specialized in large-capacity electrical controls. In engineering, a switch is a component that can “make” or “break” an… Keep Reading

School Night Experiments with a Dual-Purpose Space in Dogpatch

Last spring a bar opened in Dogpatch offering unconventional hours to San Franciscans. School Night, located at 601 19th Street, is named for its Sunday through Wednesday night schedule, a unique approach to carving out a niche in the City’s competitive restaurant and bar scene. The saloon occupies the same space as The Pearl, a… Keep Reading

Community Calendar – August 2018

Now through 9/30/18 – Art: “Truth and Beauty” “Truth and Beauty: The Pre-Raphaelites and the Old Masters” is the first major exhibition to assemble works by England’s nineteenth-century Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood alongside the medieval and Renaissance masterpieces that inspired them. Through loans of paintings, compositions on paper, and decorative arts from international collections, as well as more than… Keep Reading

DIY Courses for Kids Being Produced in Mishpot

Curious about how to make a solarpowered flashlight, storyboard a film, draw Bugs Bunny or simply kill an afternoon learning to making slime? You’re in luck if you’re looking for a website to teach you all of those things. But only if you’re under the age of 18. On 20th Street in Mishpot, roughly a… Keep Reading

Filmmakers on the Hill

Last October, filming for Ant-man and the Wasp brought Marvel filmmakers to Potrero Hill. 298 Missouri Street became Ant-man’s home for exterior shots; interiors were filmed on a set in Atlanta. In this sequel to the first Ant-man movie, the hero can both shrink and become colossal. The cast and crew were in a good… Keep Reading

Library News – August 2018

Family Programs Movie and a Meal: In partnership with the Potrero Hill Family Support Center (PHFSC), we’ll present a family-friendly film, and PHFSC will provide a meal. Our selection for August is Wonder. Based on the book by R. J. Palacio, Wonder is the story of a 10-year-old boy with facial differences who attends school… Keep Reading

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