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Publisher’s View: Pirate’s Cove

“During negative tides you can walk along the seashore all the way from Muir Beach to Pirate’s Cove,” the old-timer said. “I did it once with my dog, when he was a pup. Had to carry him over boulders the size of haystacks.” I was smitten. Pirate’s Cove is a small Marin County beach decorated… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor

Editor, My question may be trivial in light of the current pandemic, but I wanted to reach out regarding the article about the proposal for a cannabis dispensary at 667 Mississippi Street (March 2020, “Residents Worry that Dogpatch May Become Dopepatch”).  The widely accepted east-west border between Dogpatch and Potrero Hill is Pennsylvania Avenue, and… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Merchants The Good Life Grocery is limiting customers at its Potrero Hill store to five at a time. Raises have been given to all employees, along with bonuses and unlimited paid sick leave…San Francisco Natural Medicine is seeing chronic patients who receive injections, as well as offering telemedicine…Rickshaw Bagworks is selling masks, which can be… Keep Reading

Mission Bay Biotech Companies Join the Fight Against COVID-19

During the first quarter of 2020 Mission Bay biotechnology companies and nonprofits pivoted from researching a wide variety of illnesses to focusing principally on creating COVID-19 diagnostic tests, medical interventions, and vaccines. Some of these entities now face supply chain delays and shutdowns. They’re working to source the live animals and chemicals needed for their… Keep Reading

Potrero Hill Democratic Club Struggles to Reach Voters


Like many others, shelter-in-place orders and likely lingering constraints on large gatherings in the face of public health risks has forced the Potrero Hill Democratic Club (PHDC) to reorient its political organizing efforts. PHDC meetings can draw up to 50 people to the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House for presentations on such issues as how to… Keep Reading

Community Calendar – May 2020

Video conferencing is the new norm when it comes to community engagement, with numerous civic groups, theater troupes, and exercise troops gathering online. Still, sometimes you need to leave the house to visit the doctor, gather groceries, or breathe in that fresh Spring air.  Getting where you need to go, without a car, is more… Keep Reading

The Human Touch


In her 1975 essay “The Laugh of the Medusa,” French theorist Helen Cixous coined the term Écriture féminine: writing by women for women as a means of self-examination. By writing about pleasure and taking pleasure in writing, Cixous posited that composing could constitute an act of feminine liberation. So, too, it might be with visual… Keep Reading

Smuin Pushes the Boundaries of Ballet

During normal times, not an hour goes by without a small crowd gathering outside the Smuin Ballet Studio at the corner of 17th and De Haro streets. Bus riders, children on their way home from school, and shoppers with bags full of groceries stop to marvel at every mesmerizing arabesque, grand jeté, and pirouette through… Keep Reading

Company Set to Launch National Earthquake Warning System

What if an earthquake’s time, location, and magnitude could be known days before it struck? That’s the promise of precursor SPC, a Washington-based company which, according to its chief executive officer, Clive Cook, is “on-track to deploy earthquake forecasting technology both in California and internationally” and is “in the process of closing multiple initiatives.” According… Keep Reading

Online Update: Not all Masks Medicinal

In mid-April the City and County of San Francisco ordered its residents to wear face coverings when waiting in line, shopping, riding public transportation, and engaging in other social activities. Although the evidence is inconclusive, masks may prevent the spread of viruses from the wearer; multiple layers of fine woven fabric covering the nose and… Keep Reading

New World

On the day before Mayor London Breed announced a shelter in place order for the City and County of San Francisco, my daughter, Sara, and I hit the road to Tacoma. We were on a sad mission: to empty her dorm. Her college, like most others throughout the country, had shifted to online learning for… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: April Fools’…!?

Over the years I’ve periodically encountered cheek kissers; people whose preferred greeting consists of a series of puckered lipped head maneuvers. When I was younger the kissers were usually someone’s girlfriend, a “glamourous” White girl from Seattle or Los Angeles who pronounced “Nicaragua” as if ordering a fancy cocktail and blurted out “Guatemala” so that… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Coronavirus COVID-19 triggered a run on grocery stores, and a collapse of other economic activity. Early in the shelter-in-place period, Good Life Grocery’s co-owner, Kayren Hudiburgh, said the store’s Bernal Heights outlet has been swamped with shoppers. “They are buying the usual…lots of toilet paper, water, disinfectant, juices, chips and tons of canned food. Lots… Keep Reading

Flu Strikes ‘the Potrero’ as Part of 1918 Pandemic

During World War I shipbuilding by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation was in such high demand that on July 4, 1918 four destroyers were launched from Pier 70. But there were reports of the spread of an influenza-like illness throughout the United States.  By the beginning of October 1918, there were 169 cases of flu in San… Keep Reading

Community Calendar – April 2020

Colleges have shifted to distance learning for the rest of the academic year. San Francisco Unified School District campuses are closed at least until May 1, with private sector gatherings similarly cancelled.  What’s a community calendar to do in the face of a partial pandemic lockdown on communal activities? The View suggests that time can… Keep Reading

Starr King Elementary School Writes with 826 Valencia Mission Bay

One of 826 Valencia Mission Bay’s first year goals was to work with third-grade classrooms at schools in Bayview and Potrero Hill, providing weekly writing support. Since last August, 826 staff and volunteers have worked with Herman Shepard, Starr King Elementary School teacher, to design whimsical and weird, Common Core-aligned writing lessons. From personal narratives… Keep Reading

Online Update: Resiliency

Picture yourself on a transcontinental flight, economy class, sitting in a middle seat with a weary mom trying to console her crying baby on one side of you, and a large man who is intently staring at his blank video screen on the other.  A bit of turbulence starts, then intensifies, the plane bouncing up… Keep Reading



Like many other nations, Rwanda enforced a shelter-in-place order from mid-March to the end of April.  Half-way through the social shutdown, as increasing numbers of people lost their livelihoods, a communique was issued:  “In the context of the fight against COVID-19, and in solidarity with the most affected Rwandans, the Government of Rwanda has decided,… Keep Reading

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