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Why I Choose to Raise My Son in San Francisco

I didn’t plan anything. I arrived in San Francisco by car on September 11, 2008 around 9 p.m., young, single and childless. My journey driving across the country culminating in a steep climb up 17th Street, then freely flowing without the makeshift plaza, past the supersized rainbow flag in the Castro.  “I’m here!” I shouted… Keep Reading


Mits AkashiSeptember 19, 1934- October 22, 2022 Mits Akashi, beloved owner of Moshi Moshi, passed away on the evening of Saturday October 22. Mits had battled various illnesses with a smile on his face for many years. He was 88 years old.  Mits was in an internment camp during World War II. Despite that, he… Keep Reading

District 10 Residents Concerned About Crime, Homelessness

San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 10 is located on the southeast corner of the 7 x 7 and includes significant overlap with the View’s readership. On November 8 incumbent Shamann Walton will face challenger Brian Adam in a race for the District 10 Supervisor seat. The View asked D10 residents to identify the biggest… Keep Reading

Proposed Bike Lane on 17th Street Hits Speed Bumps


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has proposed a “Quick-Build Project” along 17th Street between Rhode Island and Mississippi streets that has local businesses saying, “not so fast.” Quick-Build Projects are intended to streamline delivery of safety improvements, in this case, development of a protected bike lane – consisting of physical barriers to separate… Keep Reading

As the Pandemic Wanes, Live Theaters Create New Scenes


In Potrero Hill, where face masks are a rare sight, theater groups performing at Potrero Stage and elsewhere still speak of testing protocols, face coverings, and capacity restrictions.  “There are theaters that over and over and over have run through not just the understudy, but the understudy’s understudy’s understudy,” said Aldo Billingslea of the Juneteenth… Keep Reading


The wheel of democracy turns yet again, with the yummy, annoying, or satisfying responsibility to choose amongst a plethora of candidates and causes.  The View’s ability to examine politicians and ballot initiatives has shrunk over the years, hobbled by fewer enthusiastic volunteers and diminishing advertising reviews. Still, we do our best, focusing on municipal propositions.… Keep Reading

Minority Rules

DISTRICT SUPERVISOR, 2020 FIRST CHOICE VOTES 1 Connie Chan 13,422 3 Aaron Peskin 15,293 5 Dean Preston 21,431 7 Myrna Melgar 7,852 9 Hillary Ronen 27,481 11 Ahsha Safai 15,033 100,512 MAYOR, 2019 London N. Breed 125,200 Minority rule is embedded in American democracy.  Each state has two U.S. Senators regardless of population. The electoral… Keep Reading

Without Publications to Populate them, Newsracks Disappear

In July, the San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW) removed about 230 mostly unused news racks from throughout the City. According to Beth Rubenstein, DPW deputy director of policy and communications, the action was in response to a swell of complaints from 311 calls, City Supervisors and others that the racks were being used… Keep Reading

Fire Strikes at The Double Play 

The Double Play, located at 16th and Bryant streets, whose walls were crowded with a treasure of baseball memorabilia dating to when Seals Stadium sat across from it, caught fire last month, severely damaging the building and closing the bar. The ground floor was totally lost, but no injuries were reported, according to the San… Keep Reading

Catalytic Converters Stolen from Under Police’s Noses


Four identifiably marked San Francisco Police Department vehicles had their catalytic converters surgically removed by thieves last month.  “On September 12, 2022, at approximately 1 p.m., a San Francisco Police Officer discovered a marked police truck parked in the area of 16th Street and De Haro Street had its catalytic converter stolen,” confirmed the SFPD media… Keep Reading

Community Calendar: October 2022

10/2/22 SundayHealth: Health & Wellness SundayHealth & Wellness Sundays, presented by Kaiser Permanente, offers a holistic immersion into fitness sessions, live entertainment, a toddler gym with Power Play SF, the KP Sport Court, a wellness zone for kids to play, plus the Play Bus with SC30, Inc. Event is rain or shine. Free. 10 a.m.… Keep Reading

Contemporary Furniture for Sale in Potrero Hill


At the corner of 17th and Missouri streets a freshly renovated building showcases table sets and armchairs vended by Blu Dot San Francisco. With its design center in Minneapolis, Blu Dot Design and Manufacturing has stores in twelve cities throughout the world, including New York, Sydney, and Mexico City. The company brings products that won… Keep Reading

Why I Choose to Raise My Kids in San Francisco


My husband, Kevin, and I choose to raise our kids, Olivia, nine, and Emma, six, in San Francisco and specifically Potrero Hill because we value access to natural spaces, engagement in public spaces, and community. I love being able to walk down Connecticut Street and enjoy a spectacular meal or entertainment in the Hill, Mission,… Keep Reading

Rec and Park Unconcerned About Project’s Shadowing of Potrero Del Sol Park


Last month, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission voted four to one that the shadow from a proposed residential complex wouldn’t significantly impact Potrero Del Sol Park, formerly known as La Raza Park, which abuts the development site. Commissioners Mark Buell, president, and Kat Anderson, vice president, weren’t present. The single “nay” vote came… Keep Reading

District 10 Sales Tax Revenues Rebound

District 10 generated $14.53 million in sales tax revenue last year, the third highest district haul, and more than the $14 million collected before the start of the pandemic.  District 6, which includes Mission Bay, the Oracle Arena, and South-of-Market produced $17.09 million, compared to $28.3 million in 2019.  District 3 – North Beach, Chinatown,… Keep Reading

Adam Challenges Walton for District 10 Supe Seat

On November 8 District 10 residents will have a choice between returning incumbent and Board president Shamann Walton to the Board of Supervisors or selecting newcomer Brian Adam. The winner will serve a four-year term starting January 2023. Walton is the clear favorite, having secured endorsements from U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governor… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Revitalization

Dogpatch, Mission Bay, and Potrero Hill know about being knocked down, pushed to the ground, staying there for years before climbing back up, head held high. For the last third of the 20th Century, as the industrial age and wartime winds that created portside prosperity faded, these neighborhoods, economically dependent on the waterfront, suffered high… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor, September 2022

Editor, As a former, 16 year, De Haro Street resident, I like to keep up on Potrero Hill news and enjoyed reading your story about the City discouraging the use of natural gas (“San Francisco Wants to Make Cooking with Gas a Thing of the Past,” August). When moving to Montana, I designed a highly… Keep Reading

Kash is King

During the height of the pandemic, just when his restaurant business was reaching its peak, Kash Feng slashed his staff from 500 to five. Feng operates The Omakase restaurant group, with seven Bay Area restaurants, including Live Sushi and Breakfast at Tiffany’s in Potrero Hill.  In 1999, at 18, Feng joined a group of friends… Keep Reading

Dogpatch Remains a Center for Textile Companies

Dogpatch has a long history as a textile center. Esprit – formerly Esprit des Corp – launched in the late-1970s, located its headquarters on the 900 block of Minnesota for the ensuing 30 years.  The company pioneered a building approach that evolved into the dominate style in the neighborhood, consisting of luxury warehouse-converted structures that… Keep Reading

Community Calendar: September 2022

Now through 11/1History: Black Excellence, Black InventionHave you ever wondered whom to thank for the common inventions that make our lives easier? For centuries, the inventions of Black/African Americans have gone unrecognized: dry cleaning, the lawn mower, and the potato chip! For decades, Rev. Dr. Carolyn Ransom-Scott has chased the stories of Black inventors in… Keep Reading

LUMA Becomes Mission Bay’s First Hotel


In June, LUMA Hotel opened at 100 Channel Street, marking the arrival of Mission Bay’s first hotel. Although early placards had announced development of Marriot-owned lodging, that chain was never part of actual plans. The guesthouse is LUMA’s west coast outpost; the brand also has a hotel located in Manhattan’s Times Square. “LUMA is the… Keep Reading

Drought Putting Pressure on Produce Prices

Image: hour glass with water in the top half, turning to sand in the lower half.

“Corn and zucchini have been okay but most other produce has gone up in price,” said José Escobar, The Good Life Grocery’s produce buyer. “I’ve noticed prices have gone up about 20 to 30 percent on certain items.”  The last three years have been the driest recorded in California history. A Nature Climate Change study… Keep Reading

San Francisco Wants to Make Cooking with Gas a Thing of the Past

The City and County of San Francisco is part of a growing number of local governments that’ve adopted policies to restrict the use of natural gas. As of last year, all new buildings in the City have to be fully electric, with use of gas effectively banned.  Sixty local governments in California have approved similar laws.… Keep Reading

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