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Short Cuts

Election Results Much ink has been bled interpreting Chesa Boudin’s recall by 55 percent of San Francisco voters. Most believe that Boudin was a sacrificial lamb for pitchfork-carrying residents looking for something, or someone, to burn. But why were we so mad? The City’s crime rate is low by historical standards; the population of those… Keep Reading

The Shirt

“Bye, J.C.,” I said, reaching up to hug the big man. “It was great to see you.” We disentangled and gave each other finalfist bumps. I watched as he rolled his suitcase to the waiting taxi, got in, and waved. As the cab floated away from the curb I turned to go back into the… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor: July 2022

Editor, It’s a bit late but the subject sticks in my head. Why did you accept the advertisement “SF Taxpayer Association June 7 Recommendations” in the May issue? It was obviously a hit piece to recall Chesa Boudin. I didn’t see where you addressed his campaign in any positive way. Didn’t see it, where was it?  Or do… Keep Reading

Community Calendar: July 2022

7/1 FridayEnvironment: San Francisco “Bacardi” Street CleanupHelp cleanup Dogpatch. All supplies provided. Stay afterwards for a free round on the house and meet fellow volunteers. Sign up at TogetherSF or email with event name. 3:30 to 5 p.m. Meet at The Sea Star, 2289 Third Street. 7/9 SaturdayTour: Anchor Brewing CompanyVisit craft beer’s birthplace and learn… Keep Reading

Division Street Documents Street Life

In 2016 San Francisco hosted Super Bowl 50.  Then Mayor Ed Lee ordered the San Francisco Police Department to move those living on the streets from places they might be seen by tourists. Many were told to go to 13th Street — Division Street — a place of perpetual half-darkness roofed by the Central Freeway. … Keep Reading

Smuin Center for Dance Invites Potrero Hill to Move it


Shortly before the start of the pandemic, Smuin Contemporary Ballet and the Smuin Center for Dance relocated to 1830 17th Street, between Rhode Island and De Haro. The Ballet was founded in 1994 by Michael Smuin, former choreographer and co-artistic director of San Francisco Ballet; the Smuin Center for Dance was established two years ago… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Affordable Decarbonization

California faces a conundrum. We want to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), principally by replacing fossil fuels used in transportation and buildings with electricity generated by renewable energy. Yet, the state’s electricity prices are among the country’s highest and still rising.   Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) customers pay roughly 80 percent more per kilowatt-hour… Keep Reading

VOTE: June 7, 2022

United States Representative, District 11: Nancy Pelosi. Our hometown congressional hero is awesome, and remains if not at, close to, political peak power. That said, please Nancy, retire gracefully when you feel you’re slipping. State Controller: Former District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen is a pretty good politician.  She does not, however, have a reputation for… Keep Reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine Taught in Potrero Hill


Eastern medicine – which focuses on treating the person rather than the symptoms – has been practiced for more than 3,000 years, with medical texts that date to the Han Dynasty in China (206 BCE to 220 CE). Western medicine principally attempts to understand linear sequences of adverse events culminating in a pathology that’s tangible… Keep Reading

Pelton Cottages Evidence of Lived History in Dogpatch


Passersby may have noticed two rows of identical bungalows huddled together on Tennessee and Minnesota streets near 22nd. These are Pelton Cottages – 1002, 1004, 1008, 1010, 1012, and 1014 Tennessee Street – and their backyard neighbors; 903, 905, 907, 909, 911, 913, and 915 Minnesota Street.  San Francisco was once home to 26 of… Keep Reading

Community Calendar : June 2022

Now through 6/11 SaturdayArt: The Mail Art Club ExhibitionAt the beginning of the pandemic Creativity Explored artists mailed one another handmade postcards to stay connected, an experimental exchange of art and ideas initiated through a virtual class taught by Michael Napper. Over the past two years CE artists, teachers, staff and volunteers created and mailed… Keep Reading

Chatz Bids Potrero Hill a Fond Farewell

There’s been a coffee shop at 301 Arkansas Street for the last 22 years. Not anymore. Masoud, who owned and operated Chatz since 2005, reluctantly had to close the business in April. Challenges caused by the pandemic, combined with nearby construction that disrupted parking, created traffic congestion, and drew unregulated food vendors selling to site… Keep Reading

Crane Cove Park Going to the Dogs


Opened in October 2020, Crane Cove Park – located at 18th and Illinois streets – has quickly become a beloved neighborhood asset. But community members are concerned that the seven-acre regional park is being maltreated, with poor landscape maintenance and a lack of enforcement to keep dogs leashed.  “The Port thinks this park is their… Keep Reading

PG&E Disrupts Streets as Part of Distribution Expansion Project

Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s undergrounding of two miles of new distribution lines in Potrero Hill has prompted concerns from residents about short-term parking shortages while the work is being done, a lack of construction competency, implications of the costly investment to future utility rates and a lack of transparency.   Hill residents are also… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Districts

Sad to say, we’ve drifted into a world in which this editor of a half-century old neighborhood newspaper feels a twinge of fear when contemplating writing about redistricting municipal supervisorial districts. To characterize the debate over how best to right size district lines in the face of population changes as “heated” would be akin to… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Haney Wins  District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney won last month’s special election for the District 17 State Assembly, trouncing David Campos, 63 percent to 27 percent, with fewer than 62,000 voters.  Mayor London Breed will name a successor to fill Haney’s seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors until an election is held in… Keep Reading

Dogpatch, Potrero Hill to Stay in District 10

After weeks of heated debate and threats of lawsuits the nine-member San Francisco Redistricting Task Force adopted a final draft map for supervisorial districts last month. Under the plan Bayview, Dogpatch and Potrero Hill will remain in District 10. The Tenderloin, formerly in District 6, will shift to District 5, alongside the Haight. Mission Bay… Keep Reading

Muni Pursues New Bus Routes and Bike Lanes

As the pandemic hopefully wanes, Muni lines have been restored, altered, and temporarily or permanently abandoned.  The 55 Dogpatch began service last January, replacing the 22 Fillmore, which’d shifted the eastern portion of its route as part of the 16th Street Improvement Project. More than 1,000 community members expressed opinions about their preferred route for… Keep Reading

Community Calendar: May 2022

Now through 5/13 FridayArt: Dennis Leon and the Art of Instruction This exhibit portrays Leon as a gifted artist and extraordinary teacher, displaying his recent work and that of 11 artists he taught during his 16 years as a California College of the Arts faculty member and Sculpture Department chair. Wednesday to Friday 11 a.m. to… Keep Reading

Legislation Stalls Amazon Warehouse

Amazon has paused development of a proposed 5.8-acre parcel delivery facility at 900 Seventh Street in response to municipal legislation passed earlier this year. The location is the site of a former waste maintenance facility, now empty, which Recology sold to Amazon in 2020.  The land use law, authored by District 10 Supervisor Shamann Walton,… Keep Reading

District 10 Residents Want to keep Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, and Bayview Together

As the April 15 deadline for redistricting supervisorial districts approaches, many District 10 residents are adamant that Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, and Bayview should remain together. To separate them would be counter to historical ties between the communities, demographic patterns, and interests advocates insist. Yet, one proposed map, released last month, puts areas west of Kansas… Keep Reading

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