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Publisher’s View: Reparations

In Mendocino County, 523 acres of rugged forest is studded with the ghostlike stumps of ancient redwoods harvested during a logging boom that eliminated 90 percent of the species on the West Coast. But about 200 acres were spared the saw, still dense with old-growth redwoods. The land was the hunting, fishing and ceremonial grounds… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Esprit Park Late last year the Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee (ENCAC) approved $800,000 for Esprit Park improvements, which’ll be used to pay for material and labor cost increases largely related to the COVID-19 pandemic. “It really isn’t a case of one particular item. It’s that everything costs more across the board right now. We… Keep Reading

Potrero Annex-Terrace Residents Concerned about Air Quality


Potrero Annex-Terrace residents are concerned about periodic instances of high asbestos levels in the air caused by construction at 1801 25th Street and an associated lack of immediate notifications from Bridge Housing and the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA).   Annex-Terrace is being slowly redeveloped under Potrero HOPE, launched in 2017. In 2021 the project… Keep Reading

Community Calendar: April 2022

Now through 4/30 SaturdayArt: TEXERETEXERE: The Shape of Loss Is a Tapestry, by Indira Allegra, is a living, interactive memorial to loss. A garden of hanging tapestries acts as a canvas for writing and images projected in the gallery space. The tapestries are updated in real time from TEXERE, a collaborative web platform developed in partnership… Keep Reading

“Black Magic” at San Francisco Arts Commission

In 2010, Ron Moultrie Saunders and William Rhodes co-founded the San Francisco-based 3.9 Art Collective to help make Black artists and arts professionals in San Francisco visible to one another and the public. The collective began with five members, growing to about 20 in 2017. Now, they’re down to four, with Saunders the only remaining… Keep Reading

Demand High, Prices Flat, for Dogpatch, Potrero Hill Real Estate

San Franciscans are accustomed to ever-higher real estate prices and scant amounts of housing offered for sale. Two years into the pandemic cum endemic, sellers’ motivations, buyers’ demands, and open house experiences continue to evolve. Between 2020 and 2021, the City’s population dropped by roughly 1.8 percent, 15,435 people, according to California Department of Finance… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor, March 2022

Editor, We’re writing to correct inaccurate comments made by Alison Heath in her January editorial, “Hidden Hazards at 300 De Haro Street.” It’s disappointing that Ms. Heath chose to misrepresent the facts as part of her ongoing efforts aimed at this project and others to stop construction of new housing in the neighborhood. DM Development… Keep Reading

Steady Stream of Californians Decamp to Biggest (Not so Little) City

According to Jim Cunha, who was born, raised, educated, and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for most of his 72 years, he and his wife, Maureen, didn’t leave California; California left them. Despite the presence of multiple siblings, children, and grandchildren the Cunhas found it difficult to downsize from their home in Orinda… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: Death

I had a vision, or perhaps it was a dream, of my death.  I was sitting by myself on a Northern California cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The place was vaguely familiar, reminiscent of the Marin Headlands.  I’d scrambled down a steep slope to settle onto a flat perch with a view of forever. Time… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Drum Licks Last month, Arkansas Street resident Dawn Richardson launched a music education platform, Online Drum Lessons, featuring two courses: Drumming Basics and Beginner to Band. The fundamentals class features such tips as what sticks to start with, drum kit parts, grip and positioning, basic strokes and notation. Beginner to Band is a comprehensive guide… Keep Reading

California College of Arts Strike Ends after Four Days Without Resolution

California College of the Arts’ unionized staff ended a four-day strike in February without an agreement with the school’s administration. The walkout was never intended to be indefinite, said Jennie Smith-Camejo, a spokeswoman with the Service Employees International Union Local Number 1021. The strike began February 8 and ended on February 11, with daily picket… Keep Reading

San Francisco School Board Members Recalled

Last month San Francisco voters recalled three of the seven-member San Francisco School Board:  Alison Collins, Gabriela López – who had served as board president – and Faauuga Moliga. Collins was withdrawn by 79 percent of voters, López 75 percent, and Moliga 72 percent. Just 26 percent of those eligible cast a ballot, a fraction… Keep Reading

Potrero Deli Offers Taste of Community


Chef Dario Barbone’s specialty delicatessen, Alimentari Aurora, on 18th street, offers family meals, snacks – pintxos – small plates, and aperitifs. Opened in the fall of 2020, during stringent shelter-in-place orders, the deli quickly became a favorite amongst residents looking for new flavors.  The deli’s menu is “unpredictable and erratic by design,” said Barbone, who… Keep Reading

Community Calendar: March 2022

Now through 6/5 SundayDesign: Living with ScentsOdors are perceived with every breath we take and interpreted by our brain’s most ancestral parts. In the hands of contemporary designers, whose job it is to consider the interactions of minds, bodies, and things, scents can be mediated in innovative ways to raise a form of new sensory… Keep Reading

Arts Calendar: March 2022

Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., through March 12.“Hid It Well in a Walnut Shell” at Ratio 3Daisy May Sheff’s paintings are playful and a little bit unsettling, like a childhood dream. Her works in oil, acrylic, and pastel on canvas and found materials are packed with whimsical colors. 2831A Mission Street. Free.… Keep Reading

Dogpatch Arts District Continues to Grow

It’s no secret that the City has become prohibitively expensive for emerging artists, largely due to its proximity to Silicon Valley and the tech, now biotech, boom of the last twenty-some years. Previously bohemian neighborhoods, such as the Fillmore, North Beach, and Potrero Hill, are no longer affordable. In recent years even established galleries with… Keep Reading

Housing Units for those Without Permanent Homes Sit Empty

In July 2020 Mayor London Breed announced a goal of getting 6,000 people off the streets within two years as part of her Homelessness Recovery Plan. With roughly six months left on the Mayor’s self-determined objective, just 2,662 housing placements, 44 percent, have been made, though the number may be higher because it doesn’t account… Keep Reading

Publisher’s View: The Theranos Dilemma

Last month Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of defrauding investors out of a boatload of cash by falsely claiming that her company, Theranos, would transform blood testing with technology that relied on just a tiny sample pricked from a patient’s finger. The centrality of blood in this tale of greed, hubris, and by-gum-I’m-going-to-change-the-world-with-two-straws-and-a-rock – along… Keep Reading

Short Cuts

Concrete Timber For nearly a decade cross-laminated timber — a layered material billed as “the concrete of the future” — has been widely used in Europe and Canada because of its low carbon footprint and handsome woodsy grain.  In Showplace Square, developer SKS Partners is finishing 1 De Haro, a 134,000-square-foot, five-story edifice that’ll become… Keep Reading

Fewer Significant Fires, More Small Ones, in San Francisco

Since 2003, the San Francisco Fire Department has received 576,462 service calls. Roughly 20 percent of those, 110,305, originated from Bayview-Hunters Point, Mission Bay, Potrero Hill, Visitacion Valley, and South-of-Market. Ten percent required firefighting, five percent involved first aid or assisting the physically disabled; another five percent necessitated reactivating or shutting down alarms or sprinkler… Keep Reading

Happiness is a Frame of Mind


Frames on 3rd, located on the corner of Third and 22nd streets, beckons passersby with its simple storefront, its door typically open on a warm day. Owner Robb Dominguez can often be found stationed at his worktable in front of a large wall of perfectly arranged frame samples, helping guide customers as to what dimensions… Keep Reading

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