Verdi Club Celebrates a Century

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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Verdi Club, a working class social club whose historic 1935 building sits discreetly at 2424 Mariposa Street, a half-block west of Potrero Avenue.  Launched in a barber shop at 24th and Vermont streets in 1916 by a handful of passionate Italian-American men, over the years the association grew from a small, private organization into an open club with more than 100 members – who have voting rights, equity in the club, and get discounts on food –  and almost an equal number of associates, who pay an initiative fee of $200, with annual dues of $100.

To commemorate 100 years of hosting weddings, conferences, fundraisers and concerts – as well as sponsoring soccer and baseball teams throughout the years – the Verdi Club will celebrate with a gala on Saturday, May 14th.  The evening will feature a hosted bar, dancing to live music with the George Campi Band and a four course gourmet meal. 

In a City where a Mojito costs $14, and “mixologists” have replaced bartenders, the Verdi Club is a refreshing throwback to when Frank Sinatra ruled.  Drink specials run $7. 

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