10 Townsend Temporarily Rerouted

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While the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency doesn’t plan to permanently alter the Muni bus route, 10 Townsend, riders may be impacted by a temporary redirecting due to construction underway on 25th Street between Dakota and Connecticut streets related to HOPE SF. The project, approved in 2017, is steadily redeveloping the Potrero Annex-Terrace housing complex, with the goal of ultimately delivering 1,700 residences, 3.5 acres of open space and 45,000 square feet of retail and community areas.

According to Erica Kato, SFMTA deputy spokesperson, the agency’s service planning team coordinated with the project’s developer, Bridge Housing, to install construction notice and route-specific signs at temporary stops. The provisional rerouting is expected to last until early August. The disruption began on May 21 and also impacted the 48-bus line.

The 10 Townsend was diverted from Dakota Street, where construction is occurring, and rerouted to Connecticut and Wisconsin streets. Several stops on Dakota and 25th streets are on hiatus, while temporary stops have been added to Connecticut, Arkansas, and Wisconsin streets. All rerouted stops appear to be no more than a block away from their usual location.

Until at least August 10, ten stops will be affected. A bus headed towards Pacific Heights will miss its usual stop at Dakota and 23rd streets and pick-up passengers at Wisconsin and 23rd streets instead. Heading towards San Francisco General Hospital, the nearby 23rd and Dakota streets stop is being skipped for a temporary stop at Arkansas Street before 23rd Street. Another bus destined for Pacific Heights will bypass the Dakota and 25th streets stop and board at Connecticut and 25th streets. A temporary stop at 1095 Connecticut Street has been added, canceling the 101 Dakota Street location. The 14 Dakota Street stop will board at Arkansas before 23rd Street; the 25th and Wisconsin streets stop boards nearby on Wisconsin after 25th streets as well as at another temporary stop on Wisconsin just before 25th Street. The 25th and Connecticut streets stop going towards General Hospital boards on Wisconsin after Connecticut Street.

The 48 bus has also been rerouted at several spots in Potrero Hill. The 25th Avenue and Dakota Street stop is now on the southeast corner of that intersection, the 25th and Wisconsin streets stop temporarily boards on Wisconsin after 25th streets, with another stop on Wisconsin before 25th Street. The usual 25th and Connecticut streets stop is diverted to board at the Southeast corner of 25th and Dakota streets. A temporary stop has been established at Dakota and 25th streets, replacing 25th and Connecticut streets.

In June, SFMTA published a blog post detailing future changes that’ll be implemented across the City in an attempt to enhance service, including larger capacity buses and augmented service times.  Buses on the 1AX/1BX Express and 9R San Bruno Rapid will increase in size from 40- to 60-foot lengths, while the 8AX/ 8BX Bayshore Express will add two buses to improve running time and decrease crowding, with additional buses running during peak hours. Wait times for Muni bus N Judah will decline from seven to six minutes during peak hours, and from eight to seven minutes for the K Ingleside/T Third.

“These service changes and new train cars are part of Muni Forward, which aims to improve service and implement transit projects where they are needed most to make getting around San Francisco more reliable and safer,” the post stated. “We’re actively working on multiple fronts to create a safer and more reliable experience both on and off transit. Muni Forward brings together in one place the long list of projects and planning efforts underway to achieve this vision. Informed by the Transit Effectiveness Project, route changes and service improvements are being implemented to reallocate limited resources where they are needed most. Implementation and expansion of a Rapid Network of core routes serving nearly 70 percent of all riders are providing a whole new level of more frequent and reliable service.”