A Visit with Dogpatch Businesses

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All photos by Odin Marin

Dogpatch Business: Sunday Social
Jimmy and Chris scoop ice cream for customers at Sunday Social, previously Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. Jimmy, Sunday Social manager, talked about recent changes at the shop. “We opened up our indoor dining for guests, and we’re trying to start up our coffee program,” he said. “I think this year, we’re focusing on serving the community here in Dogpatch, and being a place where people can have ice cream and a good time.”
Dogpatch Business: Reno’s Liquor Store
Dames, the owner of Reno’s Liquor Store, described business the past few months as being “A lot more calm, [with] less foot traffic for sure. It’s definitely a little slower than usual. We were busy during the pandemic, stuff was flying off the shelves. But now, it’s just really hard to get product on the shelves. Besides that, it’s been maybe a 20-percent drop in business. We lost a lot of long term customers.”
Dogpatch Business: La Fromagerie Cheese Shop
Thomas, one of the co-owners of La Fromagerie Cheese Shop, stands behind the counter of the Dogpatch shop with fellow Fromager, Monica.
Dogpatch Business: Frames on 3rd
In the midst of floor to ceiling frame displays, Rob, owner of Frames on 3rd, works on a Wednesday afternoon a few minutes before closing shop for the day. “I have a steady base, I’ve been at this location for 17 years. This is the type of profession that doesn’t ebb and flow,” said Rob on how business has been the past few months. When asked about hopes for the business in 2022, Rob replied, “The same that I’ve been enjoying for quite a few years. I’m not going to get rich. I’m not going to buy a palatial estate. As long as the lights are on, and I’m happy and the customers are happy, that’s all I can ask.” See related story.
Dogpatch Business: Dogpatch Potters
Lynne DeBeore Hughes, the owner of Dogpatch Potters, gazes past the window display while holding a work by ceramicist Susan Gold. Every few months different artists are featured in the shop’s windows. A customer walks in, greeted by DeBeore Hughes. “Hi, come on in. Welcome. So this is a collaborative of about fourteen different local artists, and we’re just starting to fill it up again so it’s a little bit bare, but we had a good December,” she said with a smile.
Dogpatch Business: Dogpatch Games
Sam, one of three owners of Dogpatch Games, with a personal favorite, ‘Wingspan.’ The owners, Sam, Shannon, and Kevin, are board game enthusiasts. Dogpatch Games, which soft-opened last summer, hosts a variety of community game-based events both inside and outside. One might mistake the outdoor parklet for a restaurant. “The idea is kind of like a restaurant: we have the tables but with games. After hours, people from offices will come and play games, kind of like happy hour, so we’re trying to tap into that energy for sure,” said Sam enthusiastically.