Crime Generally Down Over Past Four Years in District 10

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Three graphs showing the general decrease of larceny, vehicular theft, and recovered in the following neighborhoods: Bayview, Mission Bay, Potrero, Visitacion Valley

According to data collected by Civic Hub – a San Francisco incubator for technology projects that improve quality of life – crime incidences have generally declined since 2018. Even before last March’s COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, theft occurrences trended downward over the past three years. 

Almost one-half million reported crimes were committed in the City since 2018. Among them were 10 homicides in District 10, out of 58 total in San Francisco; along with 3,878 assaults in the District, of 31,727 total. Most attacks in District 10 were committed in Bayview-Hunters Point, 2,633, with 345 in Potrero Hill over the period.

With roughly nine percent of the City’s population, District 10 has been subjected to 10 percent of reported crimes. 

Theft is the most frequent crime in the City, with 133,000 reported over the past four years, almost 30 percent of all lawbreaking. On average, there are more than 100 thefts a month in District 10, with a 10 percent decline in larceny incidences between 2018 and 2019. 

Although vehicle theft has steadily increased since 2018, so too has recovery of stolen cars.

It may be that crimes are underreported.  Visitacion Valley has double the population of Potrero Hill but recounted much fewer crimes. 

Photo (top): Instructions for deliveries posted on front doors in District 10. Credit: Brian Adam