Fight On!

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The up swelling of post-election demonstrations – in Golden Gate and Dolores parks, and throughout the Bay Area and nation – shows how we can coalesce with one voice and that we can fight for what we want if we put our minds to it. We can’t let the election of Donald Trump be the end.  We need to battle for our beliefs, be proud that we got a woman so far in the presidential race, and take a step back, look at why half the nation’s voters supported the President-Elect, and ask ourselves what we’re not doing right.

There are reasons why so many people voted for President-Elect Trump, and it’s not just because he was running against a woman.  I’m sure most Trump supporters would be fine if a woman won the presidency.  But former Secretary Hillary Clinton didn’t take Trump supporters’ ideas seriously.  They thought she was “bad” because she and those around her – including us – weren’t listening to all of the people.

I don’t like President-Elect Trump at all.  But he listened to the others, the people who have been silenced for so long.  They are finally being heard after eight years of a president – who I think is great – they didn’t like. 

I am saddened by the election’s outcome, but I want to fight.  We need to look at what happened and realize that there are things going on in this country that need to be fixed.  The post-election demonstrations – and the popular vote – prove that we aren’t alone.  There are so many people out there who care and want to help.  And there are even more people – 100 million Americans – who weren’t even motivated to vote. They are waiting on the sidelines.  Right now, we need to engage them.  We can’t fight this alone; that will only dig us into a bigger hole.

Sara Moss is a sophomore at Jewish Community High School of the Bay.