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The View asked career expert Mauri Schwartz to answer questions from job seekers. Submit yours to

Q: I’ve been searching for a job for a while and am not getting the results I expected; namely, a job offer.  Should I hire a job search coach?

A: That’s a good question. Service providers abound and offer coaching plans that vary from engaging one hour at a time to a six-month commitment
that includes work on all search aspects along a structured timeframe with pre-set meeting times and durations. Many are very good at what they do, leading to success for their clients. No one way is the right way. Is your resume getting you in the door for your targeted position? Have you been invited for interviews but not for the job you want? Something in your resume may be conveying the wrong message to recruiters. However, if you’re getting in the door for the right positions, I generally say that it doesn’t really matter if I think your resume is written well enough if it’s doing its job. However, if your resume is getting you nowhere, you should seek professional assistance to create a new one and for search strategy to enable you to bypass the mob of candidates applying through the employer’s online system. Let’s say that you’re getting in for the right jobs. How far into the interview process are you progressing? Are you being offered a number of phone screens but not any in-person interviews? Are you progressing from the initial screener, usually human resources, to the hiring manager? Are you moving through the process up to the final interview, but not getting the offer? If you’ve reached this point with no success, then you must definitely hire someone to help you learn how to present yourself in the best possible light and turn all those “no’s” into one big “YES.”