Illegal Auto Repair Business Causes Problems in Bayview

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Bayview residents living near an alleged illegal automobile repair business on 1515 Shafter Avenue have told City officials that Mark Phillips, the operator of the business, has prompted one woman to become so fearful she refuses to leave her home.  According to the residents, the alleged activities wouldn’t be allowed to continue in wealthier neighborhoods, such Potrero Hill’s north slope. 

“Will some lawyer please help this senior citizen, who is definitely suffering abuse?” Bayview resident Warren Foster said, referring to the fearful woman, who preferred to remain anonymous. “She is a prisoner in her house.”

According to the residents, Phillips has acted in threatening ways, including leaving a running vehicle outside the scared woman’s home, which caused her carbon monoxide alarm to sound. Residents have also complained of vehicles double or triple parked in the street, and cars under repair. 

“This is not acceptable,” Foster said. The fearful woman, Foster and several other residents met with police and Office of Citizen Complaints (OCC) officials, who told them nothing could be done, the residents said.  However, Pamela Thompson, executive assistant to OCC’s executive director, denied that a meeting took place.

According to Deputy City Attorney Nick Colla, a task force made up of several City departments cited the property owner for building and health violations that may be linked to an auto repair business, but the situation is complicated because the property owner is renting to her daughter, who is married to Phillips.

Attempts to get in touch with Phillips were unsuccessful.