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Publisher’s View: Keep the Presses Rolling!

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Last month’s front-page editorial announced that the View would fold on its 50th anniversary, August 2020, unless new revenues sources can be secured. Readers responded with a plethora of ideas, and not a small amount of money, including contributions that ranged from $50 to $500.  

One thought, if acted upon, would ensure the paper’s survival far into the future: if just 1,000 households, fewer than 10 percent of our print run, subscribed at $10 a month – less than the cost of two cups of coffee – the View would be immediately sustainable.  Those who participated would both receive the paper in their post and ensure its availability to ten other readers; doing good by doing well! The same outcome could be achieved if 2,000 readers pledged $60 a year, essentially taking the View out to a nice annual dinner; we’ll cover tips!  

While you’re thinking about it, please, subscribe now!

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