La Fleur Hair & Nail Spa Flowers on Potrero Hill

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“I make people beautiful. When they’re happy, I’m happy,” said Teresa Do, owner of La Fleur Hair & Nail Spa, on 20th Street. Do, who immigrated from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, lives near Bayshore Boulevard. She opened her salon on Potrero Hill because she likes the neighborhood, and had been a stylist in the area.

Do worked as a cashier, bookkeeper, and dental assistant before attending cosmetology school in Hayward.  She opened La Fleur in 2015, in a space that’d previously been home to Michael Gary and Company. The salon’s large, bright, welcoming main room features numerous hair and nail stations, WiFi, with a variety of hair and nail products on offer. It has yellow walls, smooth hardwood floors, red and white polka dotted cushions, and zebra stripe accents. Fresh flowers and green plants are sprinkled throughout the space. “I did all the decoration,” smiled Do.

La Fleur offers haircuts for men and women, manicures, pedicures, other nail services, and waxing. According to Do, the most popular item for men is haircuts. Women prefer “long hair layering,” highlights, and coloring, as well as gel manicures in metallic colors. In addition to Do and her daughter, Sharon Hang, who answers the phone, six other individuals work at La Fleur.  Customers are offered tea and cookies while they wait for or receive services.

Do also makes house calls, particularly for her elderly customers, providing in-home haircuts, manicures, and pedicures to those who have trouble getting around. “I just help my friends, anyone who has physical problems. I love to help people,” said Do.

Manuel Pappas, a resident of the 700 block of Kansas Street, said Do’s home visits benefit his mother, Mary Pappas. “She’s 92 years old and she’s not mobile. Every two months, Teresa does a house call, often a haircut, sometimes a pedicure. The house calls were Teresa’s idea,” said Pappas.

Potrero Launch resident Amy Edwards has been coming to La Fleur for the past three years because “these ladies are like my family. I’m always welcomed with open arms and hugs and kisses. They’re extra hospitable. Often Teresa offers to drive me home or come pick me up. It’s just the attention to detail you see here.”

Edwards plans to move to Seattle. She’ll return to the City frequently for business; when she comes, she’ll continue to get haircuts at La Fleur.

Mission Bay resident, Regina Anavy, said she likes La Fleur so much “that I don’t even live on the Hill but I come up there to see Teresa. I just like her personally. She gives good haircuts and it’s a pleasant atmosphere, nice and friendly.”  According to Anavy, La Fleur’s prices are reasonable, and she enjoys supporting a neighborhood business.  “Plus, I can find parking. It only takes me five minutes to drive there, too. Once I’m up there, I’ll go into The Good Life Grocery and other small businesses. It’s a chance for me to go back to the hood,” said Anavy, a former Hill resident.

Tony Cullen, a Hill resident, said both he and his girlfriend have been La Fleur customers for the past three years.  “I got my first pedicure there, and I’ve actually gone back for a pedicure. I go about every two weeks. It’s the level of service. They know your name. They’re really quickly able to remember what I need. They’re always really happy to see me,” he said.

Cullen likes that La Fleur staff attend to their customers in a timely manner.  “It’s easy, convenient, and the level of service they offer is higher. For this area, you have to buy local and think local. They make that easy. They’re the hub of our community,” said Cullen.

La Fleur Hair & Nail Spa, located at 1701 20th Street, is open 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. Haircuts for men cost $25; for women, $35. A manicure is $14; manicure/pedicure, $35.