Letters to the Editor

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Steven Moss really missed the boat on his trip to the land of my ancestors (“Publisher’s View: Fringe,” September). First, Edinburgh is a beautiful city. The blackened spires of the ancient towers are vestiges of a coal burning past, and make it feel haunted and unique. I visited a few years ago and had an amazing time. The people were so courteous and friendly, helpful and yes, quirky. There was music and singing in the streets outside of many of the pubs. We drove around the country and visited such iconic places as Inverness, Iona, Kilmartin Glen, and the north. Each area filled with green hills, gigantic sheep, and cairns upwards of 15 feet tall. The question ‘how did they do it?’ is still unanswered. Moss needs to go again, with an open heart and mind.

Marcy Fraser