Letters to the Editor

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I noticed that in the December issue headlines above articles written about three men running for District 10 Supervisor mentioned each candidate by name. Yet Uzuri Pease-Green, the only woman in the race, is simply referred to as “Long-Time Potrero Annex-Terrace Activist,” and not named in the headline above the story about her. I find this different treatment appallingly disrespectful. Name recognition matters in these races. Ms. Pease-Green deserves an apology and a correction.

Joni Eisen
Pennsylvania Street


The October “Short Cuts” included a prediction that Sapporo would develop condominiums on the Anchor Brewing site by 2030, as well as a “rumor” that employees were asked to sign an agreement stating that they can be fired at any time for any reason.

The agreement the View alluded to is an “at-will” employment contract, which employees throughout California sign.

There are many negative views online and in the press regarding Sapporo’s purchase of Anchor. I spent 33 years in Japan, and 23 on Potrero Hill. Sapporo brews a fine draft beer, which sells well. It resurrected a dying 100 percent malt Yebisu Beer company to make it the delicious, profitable brand it is today. No easy task for a costly beer to brew. Similarly, Sapporo is likely to maintain the quality of steam beer while increasing distribution in Asia. This should be wonderful for Anchor Steam and Potrero Hill.

Nels McWilliams
Missouri Street


I just read “Jackson Playground to Expand” (July) and am excited as always to have some focus on our neighborhood gem. I wanted to point out that Jackson Playground is also used daily by more than 45 children who attend the Jackson Afterschool Program housed within the Jackson Clubhouse, walking or bussing from our local public schools – Daniel Webster, Starr King – and spending about 15 hours a week on site. The afterschool program has been running for well more than 30 years at 13 City locations, and is run by San Francisco Park and Recreation Department.

Elain Sprague Stuebe