Letters to the Editor: July 2022

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It’s a bit late but the subject sticks in my head. Why did you accept the advertisement “SF Taxpayer Association June 7 Recommendations” in the May issue? It was obviously a hit piece to recall Chesa Boudin.

I didn’t see where you addressed his campaign in any positive way. Didn’t see it, where was it?  Or do you avoid such issues, but get paid to advocate for his recall; an advertainment that’s funded by a billionaire from outside the area and the San Francisco Police Department (i.e., union)? 

This political ad is reactionary stuff and presented as the view of the paper. Any doubts about it in your mind? Wasn’t Chesa Boudin one of rare progressive members of our local government? The page 7 content was a paid political advert; you don’t have any statement of that on the page.

RG Davis, PhD
Rhode Island Street

The View generally accepts advertisements from all sources, unless they advance violence, hate, misogyny, or the like.  The SF Taxpayer Association ad was printed similarly to any other paid content; it didn’t seem necessary to identify it as such. The View explicitly didn’t endorse Boudin’s recall, but rather stated that it had “no recommendation” for voters on the question.