Obituary: James Seward Hoppe

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James Seward Hoppe

August 21, 1955 to April 4, 2017

James Seward “Da Hop” Hoppe died on April 4, 2017 in Thailand at the age of 61. A Missouri Street resident for many years, Hoppe had a friendly, outgoing, nature and loved entertaining others with his storytelling.  He spoke several languages.

Hoppe divided his time between San Francisco and Thailand until 2005, when he relocated to the Sangkhla Buri District in the Kanchanaburi Province of western Thailand, where he opened Birdland Books, adjacent to a Buddhist temple. Hoppe’s shop featured a restaurant that served Thai, American and Burmese cuisine, more than 1,000 books for sale or trade, and lodging.

Hoppe was born in Patterson, New Jersey on August 21,1955, and resided on Long Island until 1972, when he joined the United States Air Force. During his military service he was stationed in Thailand, kindling an affinity for the country that set the stage for his later emigration. A disabled veteran, he received an honorable military discharge from the Air Force after serving for four years.

Hoppe’s funeral was held at Wat Suan See in Thailand. A memorial service took place at the Bay View Boat Club on April 13. He’s survived by a sister, Wendy, and many friends from around the globe.