Op-Ed: Mission Bay Loop Deserves Another Look

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Despite multiple rounds of discussions with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), citizens’ concerns about the proposed location for the T-Line turn-around – Mission Bay Loop – have been largely dismissed. The loop is still planned for the route originally contemplated in 1999. Construction is scheduled to start in the coming month.  Moving forward with this project would be a mistake, and reflect a breakdown in SFMTA’s community-outreach process.  We deserve more from our City government. We deserve to be heard and shown results that reflect our involvement.

There are two important facts:  the federal grant funding the loop requires that SFMTA complete construction by September 30, 2018; SFMTA has yet to provide the public with any quantitative data on why an alternative Dogpatch Loop south of the 22nd Street platform isn’t feasible.

We can still choose a course of action that best represents what everyone in the community, government and SFMTA desires, while completing the project on time and not risk federal funding.  The loop will be around for decades; we might as well put the tracks in the right place.

Nothing prevents SFMTA from technically changing plans; it’s purely a choice they’re making. They’ve mentioned that some alter-natives are “not acceptable” based on light rail vehicle and budget concerns, but the analysis I’ve seen shows otherwise.

There’s a trade-off in moving the loop to Dogpatch, but it’s one that could be well supported by the public.  Please help advocate for a better planned loop by joining, participating and donating to the Potrero and Dogpatch Neighborhood Associations.