Potrero Hill’s Real Estate Market Remains Hot

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It’ll come as no surprise to San Franciscans that Potrero Hill’s real estate prices are as high as the community’s legendary hills.  According to Claudia Siegel, of Zephyr Real Estate, the cost of a single-family home starts at roughly $1 million for a “fixer-upper,” and can climb to $4 million for a domicile with a view and amenities, such as wine cellars, hot tubs, and personal gyms.  

The Hill’s pricey real estate reflects the neighborhood’s “specialness,” according to Mary Lace, of Sotheby’s, who has been engaged in the local property market for 36 years.  Wendy Watkins, of Zephyr Real Estate, identified a number of appealing characteristics, including easy access to Dogpatch and the Mission, a plethora of eateries, beautiful weather, and a strong sense of community that can induce residents to stay for a lifetime.

Siegel emphasized that proximity to CalTrain, Muni, and Highways 101 and 280 is appealing to commuters. The Hill is like “a village within the City,” she said, due to its small size and close-knit community, which makes it attractive to families.

A number of neighborhood real estate agents noted that ongoing growth, such as construction of the Golden State Warriors arena, as well as residential building at Pier 70, has prompted concerns among Hill residents that the communities’ peaceful aura is being disturbed. According to the agents, development is likely to increase demand in the area, putting continued upward pressure on housing costs, though the transition from suburban “village” to destination hotspot will take years, possibly decades.

Sam Arneson is a junior at the Jewish Community High School of the Bay.