Short Cuts

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Likely before most District 10 voters are aware that there’s an election, or know who the potential candidates may be, last month Mayor Ed Lee endorsed Board of Education president Shamann Walton for District 10 Supervisor in the November 2018 ballot. “Our City needs leaders like Shamann Walton, who are truly committed to improving our City and the lives of our residents,” said Lee. “I have worked directly with Shamann to improve public education, invest in our neighborhoods and bring new skills and good jobs to young people in our communities.”


Dogpatch Café closed at the end of September, ending eight years in business.  Perhaps the shuttering represents a hallmark of sorts; the retraction of a caffeine emporium, as opposed to an addition…What comes next?  More bobo tea?….Live Oak School is expanding, taking over additional adjacent space, growing from 350 to 420 students. Renovations begins in January… 16th Street, from Castro to Third Streets, is being repaved.  Work will start on the Potrero Avenue to Third Street section in early 2018…a new sewer line is being installed to serve Mission Bay that’ll pass under Potrero Hill…A 5,140 square foot corner market is being planned for a University of California, San Francisco building at 602 Minnesota Street, to open in May 2019. UCSF is looking for a community-based tenant…Dogpatch-based BAYCAT, a nonprofit that provides education and employment to low income youth, youth of color and young women, turned 13 years-old last month.  Happy anniversary!