Short Cuts

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The San Francisco Police Department is investigating the death of 23-year-old Melanie Olivieri as a possible homicide.  Olivieri’s body was found at her home on the 1300 block of Utah Street, one block south of San Francisco General Hospital, last month.  Police called the death “suspicious.”

New Captain

Pour Guys – industry veterans Joey Christensen, Tony Cooney, Stephen Crawford, Justin Trujillo, Eric Mejia and Nic DiLillo – which rejuvenated South-of-Market dive bars Tempest and Louie’s, has added another watering hole to its roster: The Connecticut Yankee. The Potrero Hill sports bar began life in 1907 as a saloon/boarding house called Hilda’s; the space was reportedly built by hand using lumber from a post-earthquake Red Cross shack. Current owner Fritz Frisbie took over the establishment in the late-1980s; the Guys began working with him roughly a year ago. As with its other bars, Pour Guys plans to keep the name and bar culture the same, so as not to disrupt loyal clientele. Frisbie will even stay on as a partner. Crawford will update the menu; since the place has a distinct Red Sox bias, don’t be surprised if some Boston-inspired dishes make their way onto the menu…According to an analysis by Zumper, Dogpatch and Mission Bay have among the highest median rents for a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco, at $3,780.  Only South-of-Market, $3,920, and Pacific Heights, $4,000, cost more.  Potrero Hill’s median one bedroom rent is $3,510, a relative bargain, though if you make less than about $70,000 a year you’ll need to go to the Excelsior and Outer Mission to find affordability; median rents in those neighborhoods are “just” $1,950. 

Holding Court

Hill resident Aran Healy posted a note on Nextdoor last month noting that tennis courts located at Jackson Park, Arkansas and Berry Streets cannot be reserved by private instructors. According to Healy, there are only two courts in San Francisco for which the City will issue permits to coaches to use for lessons.  Healy recommended that if you’re asked to leave one of the neighborhood courts because someone has it “reserved for a class” point to the rules and regulations sign, posted on all public courts, and hold your ground…On the Potrero Neighbors listserv Hill resident Britt Mattern noted that she and her husband both secretly bought a pair of Phantom of the Opera tickets for their 10-year anniversary, to surprise one other. On the same night. A collective “ahhhhh” should now be heard across the Hill.  Of course that meant they had to offload one pair of tickets; it also meant that after ten years they still really like one another.  Happy anniversary!


Bernal Heights resident Austin Ferrari, owner of the freshly opened Provender Coffee on 18th Street, contacted the View to let us know that, contrary to a mention in the July paper, his establishment isn’t part of the Sightglass mini-chain, though he does rely on their beans. Provender has one location, and it’s on Potrero Hill.  In addition to caffeine the establishment offers lunch food to go.