Short Cuts

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The San Francisco Police Department is fielding foot patrols at Jackson Playground… The proprietors of Pera Restaurant are now running the eatery located just around the corner, Papito, as well as the venerable Cha Cha Cha in the Mission…speaking of tasty, Florida-based The Spice Lab is vending Olive Oil Herb Blend – red peppers, garlic, oregano, and sea salt – that has a yummy smoky flavor. Also on offer are Tequila Salt Shooters, with an insert that keeps the beverage from getting too salty.

Let There Be Giants

The San Francisco Giants’ 28-acre development at Mission Rock won unanimous support from the Board of Supervisors last month. The project was approved in a nine to zero vote, with Supervisors Ahsha Safai and Malia Cohen absent.  Mission Rock is emerging on a Port-owned patch of land, with eight acres of open space, 1.5 million square feet of retail and offices, and up to 1,500 housing units, 40 percent affordable to low- and moderate-income people…Also in February, Board of Supervisors president and mayoral candidate London Breed, as well as Cohen, endorsed Theo Ellington’s campaign for Cohen’s District 10 seat.

Bombs Away!

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office wants people to register their security cameras, as a means to deter crime and promote public safety:… If you’re jittery about the possibility of nuclear attack from North Korea, Russia, or a terrorist organization, it may be time to return to the days of do-it-yourself bomb shelters. San Francisco doesn’t have any special fallout refugees; the basic advice is to stay indoors. Who’d have thunk the idea of digging underground accommodations to safeguard against the atomic apocalypse would come back in vogue. What’s next, a fear-based baby boom? Poodle skirts?

Fun Consequences

Seen on Valencia Street on a weekday morning:  a mom and her preschool-aged daughter scootering down the sidewalk. “Watch this!” called out ma, as she attempted, and flubbed, a quarter-inch jump over a water meter cover. “You did it wrong!” shouted the girl, as she gleefully executed her own eighth-inch vault. “Wheeeeee!” A few blocks later, the child was crying shrilly in her mother’s arms, felled, no doubt, by her own exuberance. What lesson did she learn from the experience? No pain, no gain? Better safe than sorry? Roll on a crack, hug your mother back?